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AAA Music | 25 May 2024

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EP review | AAA Music

ASA – Dead Again EP

12 October 2014 |

Asa is an up and coming fresh talent of French-Nigerian origin who has already seen 400,000+ record sales of her music which is compelling and instinctive in style, drawing influence from soul, RnB and general indie pop. She has … Read More

PONY AND TRAP – Time to Engage

15 July 2014 |

EP Time to Engage comes from duo Pony and Trap, which is out now. The philosophy of this EP seems to be ‘do a lot with a little’, as Pony and Trap use a simple drum, bass, guitar strategy … Read More


26 June 2014 |

Cosmos II is a brand new EP release from pop-rock Swedish act Mountain Bird. All the five tracks from Cosmos II show the band’s accurate approach to the way they would like to sound: aspiring, alive and dreamful. … Read More


20 June 2013 |

This is the third time I happen to write about The Melodic, in less than month, which will probably give you an idea of how busy the band is. Less than a month after their beautiful performance at the … Read More

GOD DAMN – Heavy Money EP

16 June 2013 |

Having bumped into God Damn a few times previously on the live circuit, I was aware that when onstage in front of you, they are a formidable act. The sheer volume of the set, combined with queasy hooks and … Read More

Josephine – “Phoenix”

20 August 2012 |

This is how crossover music should be done. Plenty of popstars dabble with hiphop productions in a bid to sound contemporary, rock bands endlessly employ string arrangements with the aim of adding some class, and hiphop artists regularly cut … Read More