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AAA Music | 16 April 2021

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Avenged Sevenfold – Live @ LG Arena

12 December 2013 |

Thursday December 5th, Birmingham

Avenged Sevenfold have been gaining in stature for quite sometime now, with their latest album Hail to the King going to number one in the UK commercial chart; this was quite something for a … Read More

Vans Warped Tour 2013 – Live @ Alexandra Palace (Saturday)

25 November 2013 |

Saturday 16th November, London

Attila (West Stage) open up the West Stage with their brand of Hip Hop / Metalcore with simplistic lyrics clearly done. If you have written this band off because of some of their … Read More

Vans Warped Tour 2013 – Live @ Alexandra Palace (Sunday)

25 November 2013 |

Sunday 17th November, London

We Are The Ocean (East Stage) There doesn’t seem to be a lot of anticipation for WATO this weekend like there used to be and they have an unfortunate delay  in coming onstage after … Read More

AAA Music Approved: Scarlette Fever

12 November 2013 |

AAAmusic: Who are you and where are you from?

Hey, I’m Scarlette Fever, nice to meet you! I guess Scarlette Fever was born four or five years ago; I was already a singer/songwriter and tired of … Read More

Darkside – Live @ Fabric

11 October 2013 |

Monday October 7th, London

Very few artists could perform at both the Barbican Centre and Fabric within a couple of days of each other; but very few artists enjoy the adulation of the contemporary jazz, art-rock and … Read More

Nicolas Jaar & Evian Christ – Live @ The Barbican

9 October 2013 |

Saturday 5th October, London

Since his breakout in 2011, Nicolas Jaar has very quickly managed to transcend the dance scene that many had initially shackled him down in (due to, in part, his early singles), and … Read More

BESTIVAL 2013 – Live Review

16 September 2013 |


Early starts seem to be the order of the day as most of Britain decided to haul ass to the Isle of Wight for this year’s most fabulous and magical festy outing: Bestival 2013, the year of… … Read More

CAMP BESTIVAL 2013 – Live Review

13 August 2013 |

Yet again the highlight of my summer festival experience crashes full force on Camp Bestival 2013! This festival has built a firm association with the family/camping experience mixed with a bucket or two of finest tunes, a handful of surprisingly tasty pies, … Read More

STOP MAKING SENSE 2013 – Live Review (Part 2)

12 August 2013 |

…SMS Festival 2013 Review Continued. Click here for Thursday & Friday (Part 1)


Saturday, feeling a little worse for wear, I got to the mad queues, yes the only queue or hectic-ness you’ll see at Stop Making … Read More

LATITUDE 2013 – Live Review

25 July 2013 |

Eight years on since its inception and Latitude continues it’s success with another great festival set amid a beautiful Suffolk parkland setting. Offering such a diverse range, from music stages, through comedy, literature, poetry, theatre and art … Read More