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AAA Music | 24 January 2022

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review | AAA Music - Part 60

Night Of Sevens – The Flood Sessions

14 June 2010 |

Night Of Sevens are a band that call themselves a “feral rock ‘n’ roll” outfit releasing part one of their series entitled ‘The Flood Sessions’. My iTunes insists on classifying them as folklore… this could be interesting.

My first … Read More

Cypress Hill feat Pitbull & Marc Antony – Armada Latina

14 June 2010 |

Cypress Hill new single, Armada Latina, is what happens when old style rap meets new trends (Pitbull) and winks  at Latin America with Marc Antony. The result is a fresh, catchy, laid back single, totally radio friendly. The chorus … Read More

The Temper Trap – Love Lost

14 June 2010 |

Melbourne natives The Temper Trap don’t scare the horses. Taken from their album Conditions, Love Lost is as sedate as they come. Lorenzo Sillito’s guitars jangle warmly, Dougy Mandagi’s admittedly excellent voice soars reservedly, and even the final crash … Read More

Elizabeth Cook – Welder

13 June 2010 |

Country music tastes of America, it’s a fact. And you can feel the atmospheres of Southern States in Elizabeth Cook’s fifth album, even if she comes from Florida, a place not often associated to farmers’ work, straw, pipes and … Read More

The Damned Things @ Borderline

13 June 2010 |

[cincopa 10635072]

London, 10th June

The Damned Things debuted in London last Wednesday and, while most of the metalheads of the city were already on their way to the Download Festival, the remaining few headed down to The Borderline in … Read More

Disturbed – Another Way To Die

13 June 2010 |

This song is very slow paced for a Disturbed song at the beginning, then it kicks into the classic sound, the intro sounds more like something ‘Alice in Chains would do and then the rest of the songs sounds … Read More

Love Amongst Ruin @ Scala

13 June 2010 |

[cincopa 10635142]

London, 9th June

After their first gig at Barfly few weeks back, tonight it’s a proper show for Love Amongst Ruin, Steve Hewitt new project (yes, the ex Placebo drummer).

For those of you who, like myself, really … Read More

Club Smith – The Process

12 June 2010 |

Often you encounter new bands simply reinventing the wheel. Sometimes they invent the musical equivalent of jetpacks. And sometimes they seem to be making something somewhere in the middle, somewhat akin to those hovering lawnmowers, which is where I’ll … Read More

Devo – Something For Everybody

11 June 2010 |

The only way to start the review of Something For Everybody is to say “welcome back”!

20 years since their last album ‘Smooth Noodle Maps’ the Akron band comes back with a mesmerizing album, rich of details and with … Read More

Too Young To Love – Vault of Heaven/Down to the Infinity

5 June 2010 |

Too Young To Love must be a band that loves to trick its audience, because they do it so well on “Vault of Heaven”. It floats in on a bed of ambient esque synths, cellos and hushed vocals, and … Read More