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AAA Music | 25 June 2022

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Reviews | AAA Music - Part 2

Albums and Singles reviews

John Cunningham – 1998-2002 Homeless House/Happy-Go-Unlucky

18 July 2010 |

Sometimes, angst just doesn’t cut it. For all the anger and screaming and life-isn’t-fair shredding apart of your own mentality, life and the human mind never work as simply as feeling demonstratively angry. And that’s where John … Read More

Toro Y Moi – Leave Everywhere

18 July 2010 |

South Carolina’s “Toro Y Moi” (a.k.a Chaz Bundick) is nominally one of the main purveyors of what is worryingly known as Chillwave but this new single places the lineage to a more early rock ‘n’ roll, soul sound, with … Read More

Shit Browne – Electronics

18 July 2010 |

Still vying for the hotly contested title of “world’s worst band name” is Parisian quintet “Shit Browne”, who thankfully enough create a racket that is not quite as bad as their excruciating moniker, but not earth shaking by any … Read More

Orphan Boy – Popsong

18 July 2010 |

Someone has been visited by the spirit of Ian Curtis. Orphan Boy’s ‘Popsong’ has a deceptively mainstream surface that suits its name, the indie rock sound we’re all too familiar these days dancing across a glassy veneer … Read More

Jamie Liddell – I Wanna Be Your Telephone

18 July 2010 |

Sometimes soul can be an incredibly subversive and interesting genre. More than most give it credit for. And Jamie Liddell is a relatively new addition to this canon or soul-influenced mavericks, using it as a springboard for … Read More

Stagecoach – Crash My Ride EP

16 July 2010 |

Well, what do we have here? No, really, what do we have? Because I’m not entirely sure. For all intents and purposes we have the new extended play, or EP,  ‘Crash My Ride’ by Stagecoach. There are six songs … Read More

The Beatsteaks – Jane Became Insane

16 July 2010 |

In case it passed you by, there is a band from Germany called The Beatsteaks and recently they released an album which I would without a moment’s hesitation say is in the top 5 releases of 2010 … Read More

Boohgaloo Zoo – Boohgaloo Zoo

16 July 2010 |

Sometimes unlikely combinations go very well together. Strawberries and pepper, for example. And what Boohgaloo Zoo have done on their self-titled release is something similar. By bringing together elements of hip-hop, jazz, and electro dance, they’re allowed the contrasts … Read More

Beat the Radar – By the Sea/Miracles

13 July 2010 |

I really don’t want to make a habit of this but I find myself agreeing with what The Daily Mirror has to say. The accursed tabloid said “Pucker up, Indie Rock, here comes a kiss of life.” And listening … Read More

Mark Ronson & The Business International – Bang, Bang, Bang

13 July 2010 |

‘Bang, Bang, Bang’, the new single by Mark Ronson & The Business International is a phenomenally resounding triumph of style over substance. Shimmying an acoustic synth line simultaneously underneath and over some heavily processed vocals, as well as rapping … Read More