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AAA Music | 25 June 2022

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Reviews | AAA Music - Part 3

Albums and Singles reviews

Standard Fare – Philadelphia

13 July 2010 |

Right. I think we’re all in agreement. Long distance relationships are bullshit. The whole, fundamental point of a relationship is that the two parties see one another on a regular basis, enjoy their company (interpret that how you wish), … Read More

Bombay Bicycle Club – Flaws

13 July 2010 |

Releasing a totally acoustic album early in your career can be a massive gamble, especially when you’re also riding on the possibility of the dreaded second album syndrome, but Bombay Bicycle Club have ploughed on regardless, releasing ‘Flaws’ as … Read More

Noonday Underground – The K-O Chorale

13 July 2010 |

I resent this album. It makes me feel redundant as a music journalist. And I’m not even that much of a music journalist, so I need all the help I can get here! The reasoning behind this is that … Read More

The Fanclub – Madman/Bitter Boys and Graceless Girls

8 July 2010 |

What first hit me when I was listening to The Fanclub’s Madman was how enjoyable a track it is. It manages to be catchy without sacrificing its emotional element, a feat that may sound simple, but that a lot … Read More

Dan Sartain – Doing Anything I Say

8 July 2010 |

So here we are in the sweaty pits of a white picket fence suburban summer, the teens all chewing bubblegum and sighing away the best part of the day waiting to grow up, when out of nowhere comes the … Read More

Black Daniel – Ivy

8 July 2010 |

Black Daniel’s latest effort, Ivy, is an interesting track. Combining elements of electronica and indie whilst continually jumping from guitar to heavy beats to layered vocals means Ivy is far too interesting and energetic to be classed as pop, … Read More

Kid Adrift – Oxytocin EP

8 July 2010 |

Kid Adrift is an act that’s incredibly difficult to write off as one particular genre. Merging elements of electronica, dance, and occasionally dubstep, Iain Campbell (the man behind Kid Adrift) could be called a lot of things. This is … Read More

Tokyo Police Club – Wait Up (Boots of Danger)

8 July 2010 |

The first single to be released of Tokyo Police Club’s latest full-length album, Champ, Wait Up (Boots Of Danger) is as catchy and upbeat as anything you’d expect from this band. Successfully combining elements of indie and pop seems … Read More

Larsen B – Musketeer

8 July 2010 |

From the opening chords and swirling melodies of ‘Codeine’, I know immediately who Larsen B reminds me of. Piano driven melodies, warm vocals, tender-hearted cabaret tinged style… if they do not own at least one Duke Special … Read More

Parry Ray – The Way I’m Wired

8 July 2010 |

In an age when it’s sometimes difficult to find albums that don’t sound exactly the same as every other record out there, an artist that mixes things up a bit is a rare pleasure. It’s for this reason that … Read More