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AAA Music | 28 January 2022

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stream | AAA Music - Part 2

TOWNS – Get By

25 May 2014 |

Bristol is a volcanic plateau for the eclectic and diverse, spilling over with gnarled and hungry talent in the fields of hip hop, dance and indie. Combined with the convection of DIY labels, the tantalising essence of … Read More

BAD FOR LAZARUS – Tos and Fros

24 May 2014 |

Bad For Lazarus bring this single from their debut album Life’s a Carnival, Bang! Bang! Bang!, in which the group have tirelessly self-produced; their hard work evident throughout the track. The lawless scuffle that is ‘Tos and Fros’ jerks you … Read More

MOUNTAIN BIRD – Violent Night

23 May 2014 |

‘Violent Night’ is a single by the dreamful and powerful project from Stockholm by the name of Mountain Bird.

This track is a heavy and slightly noisy ballad written and produced by Mountain Bird’s engine Adam Öhman.  Ticking bells and trembling … Read More

BENGAL LANCERS – The Flood Sessions

22 May 2014 |

I’ve always believed that the slow-build intro has the potential to be the hardest hitting approach, whatever the medium of choice. What Bengal Lancers have done with their recent EP The Flood Sessions is yet another example that … Read More

CHEATAHS – Leave To Remain

21 May 2014 |

When My Bloody Valentine unceremoniously released MBV back in 2012, the dam that held back the impending wave of ’90s swell-rock came crashing down. From then on in an undertow of bands that honed in on a crunchier, more … Read More

THE WHITE BICYCLES – The White Bicycles EP

20 May 2014 |

The White Bicycles’ self-titled EP is awash of minimal and chilled out electronica, which forms the basis of this five track record. This comes as no surprise once you scrutinise the Falmouth-based trio’s (Matthew Howes, Ryan Nolan … Read More

WHITE FANG – Full Time Freaks

10 May 2014 |

White Fang are a four-piece band from Portland, distinguished for their recognisable sound combining a variety of closely related genres. Their sonics consist of thick guitars and mutilated vocals – all that making music reminiscent of tough … Read More

THUS OWLS – How, In My Bones

9 May 2014 |

The ‘50s is making a comeback in pop music and I have no quarrel with it. Especially in the realm of female-led songwriters, the brave melodies and empowering lyricism has made a resurgence and though it spans … Read More

WILSEN – Magnolia

8 May 2014 |

‘Magnolia’ is the debut single and title name of Wilsen’s EP, which is due for release on May 19. Developed in Brooklyn, NYC, Wilsen is the collaboration between London native Tasmin Wilson, Johnny Simon Jr and Drew … Read More

KASKET – Where is Alice?

30 April 2014 |

During the last decades, Brighton has become an inexhaustible source of new electro, dance, djing and producing talents. The South Coast town has risen as reference for the genre, shaping and giving the green light to some of … Read More