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AAA Music | 25 June 2022

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video | AAA Music - Part 4

FEED THE RHINO – Deny And Offend

12 August 2014 |

I’ve seen Feed the Rhino live. It was a pretty wild and energetic set – plenty of heads banging along to their groovy riffs, and fists flying to the heavier bits. ‘Deny And Offend’ makes me want … Read More

INVSN – #61

7 August 2014 |

It wouldn’t be just to review Swedish quartet INVSN in light of it’s singer’s previous endeavours. Fronted by Refused-alumni Dennis Lyxzén, INVSN cross-step over from the trailblazing hardcore circa ’91 and into a more meditative and accessible … Read More

CASITAS – Dominoes

5 August 2014 |

There are hints of world music hidden behind this latest indie tapestry from Casitas and it just helps add to the bouncy, free-flowing appeal that makes ‘Dominoes’ one of those lovely little beauties that nestles comfortably in the music-loving region … Read More

DAVID GRAY – Beautiful Agony

14 July 2014 |

Did you know that David Gray has been producing music since the glory days of White Ladder? I may have been under a rock but I had no idea, so I was pleasantly surprised when I got sent ‘Beautiful Agony’ to listen to.

Read More

DARK HORSES – Live On Hunger

13 July 2014 |

‘Live On Hunger’ is a seductively dark psychedelic track released by rockers Dark Horses. Accompanied by a music video directed by Wiz Whiston that captures the ambience of the track in all regards and manages to mirror … Read More

MOULETTES – Lady Vengeance

12 July 2014 |

The third album of Moulettes – Constellations was released earlier this month via Navigator Records. This LP shows that among the decadent and self-repeating music of today there is a place for unique and fresh sound. The … Read More


11 July 2014 |

A Composer, producer and singer, Lydia Ainsworth is a triple threat. ‘Malachite’ is taken from her debut EP Right From Real Pt. 1, which was released via Arbutus Records on June 10th. Opening with an unidentifiable whirring, the … Read More

ECHO TRAILS – Ode To The Familiar Strangers

5 July 2014 |

Ode To The Familiar Strangers presents the listener with many elements, which the Echo Trails fuse to produce a sound that is rich with various cultural flavours and a trademark bohemian quality.  This is the debut release for … Read More

GOLDFRAPP – Stranger

30 June 2014 |

Electronic band Goldfrapp are well known for their glam rock, trip-hop and synthpop sounds. More recently they’ve experimented with dance, ambient and down tempo music to evolve further.

Their murderous tale ‘Stranger’, the fifth video from their … Read More


30 June 2014 |

After what can only be described as a gigantic couple of years during 2010-12, Christina Perri is now on her second album. The success of monster track ‘Jar Of Hearts’ brought her a slot on the Twilight soundtrack – … Read More