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AAA Music | 15 August 2022

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video | AAA Music - Part 6


31 May 2014 |

Upon listening to Dustin Tebbutt’s follow-up EP, Bones, I realised it is very easy to enter a thoughtful state of reflection. Throughout the EP, his sonorous textures combined with a contrast between distinctive uplifting rhythmic guitar and … Read More

RHODES – Your Soul

30 May 2014 |

After a few listens to Rhodes’ new single, ‘Your Soul’, it’s hard not to fall in love with the intense emotion and soaring melodic vocals that inject such passion into the message formed by the … Read More

POOL – Lipstick

28 May 2014 |

Employing some interesting layered effects and a catchy riff, ‘Lipstick’ is a good potential electronic dance track for those upbeat summer party playlists. The track is certainly much stronger instrumentally than vocally; while the vocals are likely meant … Read More

NICK MULVEY – Meet Me There

26 May 2014 |

Like a cooler version of Jack Johnson, Nick Mulvey’s lively vocals and guitar possess the relaxed sound of eternal summers. However, the nomadic quality in Mulvey’s ‘Meet Me There’ is also mysterious, with the heroic sounds of the strings blending … Read More

BELLWETHER – Blind Anthem

18 May 2014 |

London-based Bellwether have put together a video for their latest track ‘Blind Anthem’ which cleverly cuts the band in with shots from classic Westerns – helping to visually portray some of the well-spun lyrics.

Lyrically, ‘Blind Anthem’ … Read More


17 May 2014 |

Josh Taerk, from Toronto in Canada, is a folk rock guitarist and song writer influenced by Bruce Springsteen, Counting Crows and Jackson Browne. His philosophy seems to be “Life is not a destination, it’s the journey that makes us … Read More

TENNIS – Cured Of Youth

15 May 2014 |

‘Cured Of Youth’ is a fabulously hip release from Tennis, a husband and wife duo Patrick and Alaina. The song opens up instantaneously with groovy rhythms and beats, reminiscent of the ’70s disco era which is reinforced … Read More


14 May 2014 |

When I was asked to review Ziggy Marley’s new album Fly Rasta I was incredibly under-prepared for the intense lift-off of the album. The rocket effect may fit perfectly with the lyrical content of opening track ‘I … Read More

TOM BROSSEAU – Stuck On The Roof Again

13 May 2014 |

North Dakota folk artist Tom Brosseau, singer songwriter and guitarist, has played in the UK, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Iceland, Canada, the USA and Australia. His tours have included John Doe, PJ Harvey and Juliana Hatfield.

He recently released Grass … Read More

AFGHAN WHIGS – Do To the Beast

11 May 2014 |

Following a lengthy hiatus, Do To The Beast is the first full length album of new material Afghan Whigs since 1998’s album titled 1965.

Hooked from the first stroke of the guitar and the thudding percussive backbone laced … Read More