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AAA Music | 8 August 2022

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PONY AND TRAP – Time to Engage

15 July 2014 |

EP Time to Engage comes from duo Pony and Trap, which is out now. The philosophy of this EP seems to be ‘do a lot with a little’, as Pony and Trap use a simple drum, bass, guitar strategy … Read More

YUCK – Southern Skies

22 June 2014 |

The new EP Southern Skies from Yuck bursts forth with a rich, layered presence with first song ‘Athena’: a song busy with lush sounds of satisfying guitar waves and modern electronic trickles. There is a familiar, alternative ‘90s ‘hue’ … Read More

THE VALIANT – Empress Heights

1 February 2014 |

From the offset, you can tell Empress Heights is going to be a huge, heavy, head-banging album. A lot of the best albums have a song that opens the album, building anticipation, this album is no exception. Intro track … Read More

Carl Barât releases video for ‘Run With The Boys’ on youtube

27 September 2010 |

Watch the video here

Carl Barât releases his eponymous debut solo album on 4th October via his own imprint Arcady Records.  The first single ‘Run With The Boys’ will be out the same day and he has written his first book ‘Threepenny … Read More

New OkGo video – White Knuckles

20 September 2010 |

OK Go, the most downloaded band ever, are set to return with a brand new video to their forthcoming single White Knuckles which is released on 11th October and is closely followed by the deluxe release of the album Of … Read More

Röyksopp Release teaser clip of ‘Adventures in Barbieland’ on YouTube

5 August 2010 |

Röyksopp are set to release the counterpart to last year’s critically acclaimed ‘Junior’ album on the 13th September 2010.

More introspective and freeform than its poppier partner and fully instrumental, the Nordic electronic pioneers Svein Berge and Torbjorn Brundtland recorded … Read More