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AAA Music | 28 May 2015

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aaamusic logoAAA Music  – a UK based music site – is the brainchild of two friends and first entered the cyberspace in 2005. After a few years and a few changes it is now an increasingly popular alternative music site, making its name as the place to go for non-typical music features. AAA Music is proud of channeling a variety of music genres, from rock to jazz, to folk to techno and hip hop, and to serve as a platform for unsigned bands to get their first media coverage. The policy at AAA Music  is “It doesn’t matter if it’s signed or unsigned, as long as it’s good” and we try hard to stick to this, in order to deliver interesting and uncommon music features, and to help the reader explore new musical genres.

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Meet The Team

Clive Paris Rozario – Director & Editor-in-Chief (UK) – @cliverozario

For info, UK & international press releases or partnerships, and for enquiries about features, gigs and special coverage, please use the following

Alessia Matteoli – Founder (UK)

Roberta Capuano – Contributing Editor (Italy)

Daniele Boselli – Contributing Editor (Italy)

Anthony Weightman – Reviewer & Interviewer (UK)

Contributors: Will Howard, Katie H-Halinski, Matt Fellows, Rupert Uzzell, Rose Benge, Anthony Weightman, Kjersti Westeng, Monica Guerrasio, Joe Denby, Laura Carvajalino, Heather Ryall, Daniel Garnham, Michael Joyce, Samantha Panasuik, Del Newman, Shane O Neill, Liam Dodd, Jake Parker, Marguerite GalloriniRachael Pilkington, Ays Kura, Emma Dodds, Marco Canepari, Ciaran Steward, Lois Browne, Camilla Pascucci, Agnessa Yermakova, Martin Gordon, George Prince, Tom Goulding, Ian Brown, Chris Hutchings, Matt Friend, Craig Doporto, Jon Horvath and Amy Pinnock, plus photography from Dan Cairns, Ben McAdam, Luca Viola, Joe Sheridan, Sean Shore. Nige Nudds and David Livingstone.

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Address: AAA Music, 10 Merlins Court, 30 Margery Street, London, WC1X 0JG