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THE MUFFS – Whoop Dee Doo

THE MUFFS - Whoop Dee Doo

The new album from renowned punk rockers The Muffs bursts forth with opening track ‘Weird Boy Next Door’, showcasing a great energy from the offset. Simply and succinctly named Whoop Dee Doo, the album is the first the band has released in a decade, and it is clear they haven’t lost their punk stamina and [...]


Call Up The Whales EP

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Ginger And The Ghost is the project of two mixed media artists Missy and Daniel who set out to create music artlessly and on their own terms, taking inspiration from the positives and negatives in life from ‘love and loss’, ‘victory and defeat’ to ‘the darkness and the light’. Currently available [...]

PONY AND TRAP – Time to Engage

PONY AND TRAP - Time to Engage

EP Time to Engage comes from duo Pony and Trap, which is out now. The philosophy of this EP seems to be ‘do a lot with a little’, as Pony and Trap use a simple drum, bass, guitar strategy (of course with the odd electro throb) and clever, uncomplicated use of effects; keeping it ‘traditional’ [...]

ECHO TRAILS – Ode To The Familiar Strangers


Ode To The Familiar Strangers presents the listener with many elements, which the Echo Trails fuse to produce a sound that is rich with various cultural flavours and a trademark bohemian quality.  This is the debut release for this five-piece London/Cambridge collective. Beth Orton, The Cranberries and Arcade Fire are just a few similar sounding influences [...]

NAT KING COLE – The Extraordinary (Deluxe Edition)

NAT KING COLE - The Extraordinary

The iconic Afro American singer and musician Nat King Cole was extremely well known as a jazz pianist through the ’40s, ’50 and ’60s and beyond. He had a soft and silky baritone voice, played in big bands, hosted a TV variety show and helped establish Capitol Records. This 36 track compilation album The Extraordinary, [...]

FITZ AND THE TANTRUMS – More Than Just A Dream

FITZ AND THE TANTRUMS - More Than Just A Dream

Fitz And The Tantrums have been gaining momentum since their inception in 2008. After a debut album released in 2010 and a pretty extensive festival circuit in 2011, the band have now released their second album – More Than Just A Dream. Having not heard any of their music before, this review will be a [...]



Iconic singer songwriter Lisa Stansfield has been adored worldwide since the success of her first solo album Affection and her lead single ‘All Around The World.’ As an actress she recently starred in The Edge of Love and Northern Soul, and her achievements include a Brit Award, an Ivor Novello Award and a Silver Clef [...]



Cosmos II is a brand new EP release from pop-rock Swedish act Mountain Bird. All the five tracks from Cosmos II show the band’s accurate approach to the way they would like to sound: aspiring, alive and dreamful. Most of work in writing, arranging and producing tracks was done by the man behind Mountain Bird, Stockholm musician [...]


Meshell Ndegeocello - Comet, Come to Me

She was one of the musical images of the ‘90s. Her smooth and refined artistry allowed her to become one of the higher quality embodiments of that decade, but also kept alive her artistic flame during the 2000s. Today, Meshell Ndegeocello is less popular than 10-15 years ago – she has less visibility and her name [...]

TUSMÖRKE – Riset Bak Speilet


Outside of the time, lost in a period which could be dated back to the late ‘60s-early ‘70s, but it also recalls some mediaevalesque feelings well rooted in the Nordic tradition; Tusmörke (translated “twilight”) are steadily firmed in the Scandinavian prog-rock background. They were born as an acoustic trio, but over the years they’ve changed their shape, [...]