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New EP Into the Night from The Greasy Slicks begins with raw, country and blues inspired rock, nodding towards the style of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Eagles of Death Metal, with a ‘90s funky, lunging style – Pearl Jam spring to mind. The second track ‘Messing With My Head’ features rock-infused, classic country bass-flicks in a [...]

HANS CHEW – Life & Love

HANS CHEW - Life & Love

  Rolling Stone magazine was right giving four stars to this singer, pianist, songwriter, performer…in a word: artist. He is brilliant and simply amazing. Hans Chew is a self-taught pianist from Tennessee who released his debut album in 2010, Tennessee & Other Stories, and is now returning with his second one Life & Love. Helped [...]

ARCHITECTS – Lost Together // Lost Forever

Lost Together Lost Forever

I was excited when I got asked to review this album, as I’d already been listening to it for a few weeks, ever since they released a full stream on YouTube. I’d also pre-ordered a signed copy (I’m a bit of a fan). I knew how amazing this album was. And now I’m going to [...]

JUDITH OWEN – Ebb & Flow

JUDITH OWEN - Ebb & Flow

Welsh singer, songwriter and pianist Judith Owen has been a regular musical partner to Richard Thompson and straight woman to Ruby Wax in their odd fringe theatre twin act. She’s married to the actor and humorist Harry Shearer. Ebb & Flow, her eighth album, released on 7th April, 2014 on Twanky Records, is a successful [...]

DEF LEPPARD – Slang Deluxe Edition

DEF LEPPARD - Slang Deluxe Edition

There are some bands that don’t need any introduction. Def Leppard is one of them. Their name gets our minds straight into the New Wave of British Heavy/Glam Metal of the ‘80s, when the hair was long and the guitars were emphasised. Songs such as ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ and ‘Let’s Get Rocked’ are [...]

WATER LIARS – Water Liars

Water Liars

Mississippi born and bred Water Liars have been touring their native US for the past two years in support of a string of album releases. Their debut record Phantom Limb helped kick start a gentle hum of interest, lasting up to their sophomore record Wyoming, released in March 2013 on the prestigious Fat Possum label. The [...]

LOREDO – Trawl

LOREDO - Trawl

After some legal issues with naming rights newly-formed London band Loredo have finally been able to get their debut EP Trawl out into the ether. Lead by the deep, humbling voice of Stuart Bennett, it doesn’t take a genius to figure that Editors and The National rank highly in the group’s list of influences. At [...]

LAPLAND – Lapland


The self-titled debut album from Lapland, the new vehicle for Josh Mease’s music, is unpredictable, original and highlights a wealth of individual talent from Mr Mease. With a range of styles available throughout the album, the listener is treated to a buffet of brilliance from an artist with clear awareness for musical history and an [...]

IDIOM – Movement

Movement_Idiom_Final small

Idiom, hailing from the capital of Devon, have been causing a bit of a stir in the Metal community recently with their latest release: Movement. Being a Devonshire man myself, you’d think I would be familiar with Idiom, but bizarrely I’m not; let’s investigate them together. I had a vague idea about what Idiom might [...]

TIM PARIS – Dancers

TIM PARIS - Dancers

Being someone of quite an open mind and taste I was excited about listening to Parisian born London based Tim Paris’ debut. Not only was it the comparisons of his work to Daft Punk and M83, which to a certain extent there is a slight tinge of or the fact he had produced various remixes [...]