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AAA Music | 25 April 2015

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CALLAGHAN – A History Of Now

24 April 2015 |

Talented British singer songwriter Callaghan moved from London to the USA in 2010. She’s extensively toured 46 states and is known for her 2012 album Life in Full Colour, produced by Grammy nominated artist Shawn Mullins. Her influences include Johnny … Read More

SAM LEE – The Fade In Time

19 April 2015 |

It is always puzzling to define what folk music is, mainly because what is and how it sounds today, is quite different from the good ol’ days. It’s a matter of fact that contemporary folksingers have reshaped the style in its … Read More

RINGO STARR – Postcards From Paradise

18 April 2015 |

Ringo Starr, musician, actor and producer, achieved international fame as drummer for The Beatles. As the world’s most well known musical time-keeper he invented the title ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ and wrote the idiosyncratic ‘Octopus’s Garden’ . It was a … Read More


15 April 2015 |

First with a medium pitched fluttering tone and soon after through the accompaniment of an arpeggiated synth line and timely bellows, the opening track of Alium is quick in asserting to the listener Submotion Orchestra’s intention to embark on their … Read More


15 April 2015 |

Beautiful productions mixed with the slickest rhymes: Ghostface Killah delivers again. This is one rapper who certainly gets better with age and Ghost’s list of albums is very prolific. We’ve almost become accustomed to another Ghostface Killah album like a … Read More

LIGHT OVER THERE – Light Over There

3 April 2015 |

Singer songwriters Aileen Henderson and Rex Haberman live on opposite sides of the Atlantic, in Galway, Ireland and Minnesota, USA respectively. They’re quite an unlikely duo to be working together on a rock, country and Americana project.

Young Aileen Henderson, … Read More

JAPE – This Chemical Sea

2 April 2015 |

This Chemical Sea was released earlier this year and became Jape’s fifth album. This record could be called a pop record if there were no experiments with the usual sound, but one can clearly hear things that distinguish This Chemical … Read More


1 April 2015 |

No stranger to the music scene, Rathborne is Luke Rathborne’s second adventure into the musical realms, previously having recorded his debut album After Dark at the age of 16. Now with a few more years on his side (23 years … Read More

JARROD LAWSON – Jarrod Lawson At The BBC

31 March 2015 |

Gifted singer songwriter and pianist Jarrod Lawson, from Portland, Oregon, has received huge critical acclaim worldwide. He released his self-titled debut in 2014 and within months he’d toured Europe and been identified as the hottest new soul talent in a … Read More


28 March 2015 |

Singer songwriter John Kilzer, from Jackson, Tennessee, spent four years as a Memphis State basketball player before following a music career. His influences are blues, soul, folk, rock and country. First signed to Geffen Records in the 80’s, he  released … Read More