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AAA Music | 7 March 2021

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A Quick Guide on How to Setup a Drum Kit

3 March 2021 |

The first drum kit holds a special place in any drummer’s heart. It reconnects you with the sweet old memories, the time when you first fell in love with this unique musical instrument. I still remember the first drum kit … Read More

Take Your Music to the Next Level with YouTube

28 February 2021 |

Are you a musician struggling to take your career to the next level? Think about traditional avenues to success, such as a record label. Chances of getting a deal these days are slim, simply the industry has changed. In fact, … Read More

AAA Music Approved: Séline Delcourt

21 February 2021 |

Who are you and where are you from?

Hi there! My name is Séline Delcourt, I’m a French and Korean artist based between London and Luxembourg. I’ve lived in 7-8 countries and have always been involved in the arts—in addition … Read More

How Do CDs Work explained

18 February 2021 |

The future of humans is in their own hands when it comes to savings. Nobody will care for them unless they consider doing it by themselves. There are various opportunities to save money or smartly invest them in getting profit … Read More

5 Romantic Black Songs for the Date Night!

18 February 2021 |

We all know that the addition of romantic music is what it takes to make the perfect date night, but which songs have the most impact on our dating outcomes, and why do they invoke such feelings in us?

We … Read More

How To Make Music Lessons Engaging While Online

8 February 2021 |

Since the economic hit following the pandemic from COVID-19, it seems that any and all music businesses have had one of the hardest struggles to keep afloat. No in-person music lessons have forced teachers to move to an online, virtual … Read More

5 Ways To Make Commission In The Music Industry

8 February 2021 |

Musicians tend to think of performances and gigs as the best way to pave their way to a successful music career. And while live gigs and shows tend to reel in a nice commission, what musicians fail to consider is … Read More

What You Should Know About Playing the Harp

8 February 2021 |

With many beguiled by its beautiful sound, the harp is a musical instrument that has been around for over five thousand years. Murals that depicted what are thought to be the first harps depicted them as similar to a hunter’s bow, with … Read More

New In-house Platform From Parimatch

8 February 2021 |

Parimatch is regarded as one of the greatest technological and betting companies in Europe and the CIS regions. Due to the active development of its products, it has promoted the work of Parimatch websites in more than 60 countries around the world. The … Read More

5 Guitar Tips That Work

30 January 2021 |

Want to learn guitar and do so efficiently – then read these tips below.  1. Get Your Own Guitar Before Anything Else

The first thing to do is to get a guitar to learn how to play.

In most cases, … Read More