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BAD COMPANY – The 40th Anniversary

BAD COMPANY - The 40th Anniversary

“Welcome to this very special Limited Edition Collector’s Pack, celebrating the 40th anniversary of Bad Company. We hope you like the DVD as much as we do. It’s our story, and though sometimes it’s not pretty, it is heartfelt and true –the way we’ve always made our music. And it’s our gift to you for [...]

NICOLE ATKINS – Girl You Look Amazing

NICOLE ATKINS - Girl You Look Amazing

New Jersey’s Nicole Atkins has just released her new album Slow Phaser. It is Nicole’s third release to date. ‘Girl You Look Amazing’ kicks off with funky guitar riffs and a good drum beat that remain throughout the song. There’s a lot of character in Nicole’s voice, and she’s got a really interesting tone to it. [...]

HANS CHEW – Life & Love

HANS CHEW - Life & Love

  Rolling Stone magazine was right giving four stars to this singer, pianist, songwriter, performer…in a word: artist. He is brilliant and simply amazing. Hans Chew is a self-taught pianist from Tennessee who released his debut album in 2010, Tennessee & Other Stories, and is now returning with his second one Life & Love. Helped [...]

ARCHITECTS – Lost Together // Lost Forever

Lost Together Lost Forever

I was excited when I got asked to review this album, as I’d already been listening to it for a few weeks, ever since they released a full stream on YouTube. I’d also pre-ordered a signed copy (I’m a bit of a fan). I knew how amazing this album was. And now I’m going to [...]



Daniel Carlson is a musician from NYC whose sound can be best described as dream-pop. If he added more drums we could probably get another Britpop reincarnation. If there was an overdose of ambient noises we could hear light space-rock. But his track called ‘Eko’ takes a confident path between the two with its vocals [...]

JUDITH OWEN – Ebb & Flow

JUDITH OWEN - Ebb & Flow

Welsh singer, songwriter and pianist Judith Owen has been a regular musical partner to Richard Thompson and straight woman to Ruby Wax in their odd fringe theatre twin act. She’s married to the actor and humorist Harry Shearer. Ebb & Flow, her eighth album, released on 7th April, 2014 on Twanky Records, is a successful [...]

DZ DEATHRAYS – Gina Works At Hearts

DZ DEATHRAYS - Gina Works At Hearts

DZ Deathrays, an energetic hard rock duo from Australia, recently unveiled ‘Gina Works At Hearts’ - an electrifying, fuzz-fuelled and frenzied track from their upcoming sophomore album Black Rat, set for release in May. An explosive guitar riff and unapologetic, hard-hitting percussion opens DZ Deathrays’ ‘Gina Works At Hearts’. The heavily distorted guitar sounds raw and [...]



Being a music reviewer for AAAmusic has allowed me access to tunes that I wouldn’t necessarily come across on my own, and when I am directed to music like this, I am very thankful for the opportunity. Indie Pop band, Reverend and the Makers, has produced something that is very much worth listening to in ‘The Only [...]

DEF LEPPARD – Slang Deluxe Edition

DEF LEPPARD - Slang Deluxe Edition

There are some bands that don’t need any introduction. Def Leppard is one of them. Their name gets our minds straight into the New Wave of British Heavy/Glam Metal of the ‘80s, when the hair was long and the guitars were emphasised. Songs such as ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ and ‘Let’s Get Rocked’ are [...]



‘Said and Done’ is the first single from Sofie Winterson’s debut album and will get her noticed from the start with its unusual video, which blends perfectly with the kitsch pop and electronica. Its kitsch and eccentric style is what makes it so appealing, dancing among bin bags and eating macaroons in the gutter. It has [...]