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AAA Music | 29 November 2015

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25 November 2015 |

It’s not easy to grow your independence and distance yourself from your roots… It’s even worse if your roots and lineage belong the Touré family (which is related to a tradition of soldiers) and your father (Ali Farka Touré) is … Read More

ABBY – 3 Halo

22 November 2015 |

With the release of ABBY’s second album Hexagon seeing its UK debut in October through Island Records, ‘3 Halo’ is just one of 12 intricate songs which feature on the new LP.

The song opens with a low drone which fluctuates, … Read More

LUO – Ebb & Flow

21 November 2015 |

Soon after they finished touring earlier this year, Brighton based electronic/post-rock outfit Luo released their Ebb & Flow EP. The title track masterfully blends electronica and live instrumentation which isn’t too surprising for a band comprised of four individuals so talented … Read More

METHOD MAN – Straight Gutta

19 November 2015 |

Method Man came back with a new album this year, and ‘Straight Gutta’ (feat. Hanz On, Streetlife & Redmanwas the second single after ‘The Meth Lab’ (feat. Hanz On & Streetlife). It’s great to hear Meth and Red together on a track … Read More


18 November 2015 |

Lantern is Hudson Mohawke’s second studio album and was released earlier this year, following his debut album ‘Butter’ back in 2009. This experimental album was highly anticipated, and Hudson’s development from Glasgow DMC champion to producer and now to recently … Read More

GANG OF FOUR – Staubkorn: The Dying Rays

16 November 2015 |

Gang Of Four released their ninth album called What Happens Next via Membran Records earlier this year. The band have been known as one of the most influential post punk acts.since the end of 70s.

Alongside the new album, Gang Of FourRead More

CASPIAN – Darkfield

15 November 2015 |

Caspian’s fourth album called Dust and Disquiet was released via Big Scary Monsters at the end of September. This band from Beverly got critical acclaim with their previous works and now they are ready for a new step in career that will be opened … Read More

THE JAM – Fire & Skill: The Jam Live – 30/10/15

9 November 2015 |

Influential punk rock and mod revival band The Jam were extremely hot and tight. They had an “angry young men” image and were very popular during the late 70s and early 80s. Very individual in style, they embraced 60s rock … Read More

SHIGETO – Intermission

4 November 2015 |

Zach Saginaw, AKA Shigeto, has been too busy to focus purely on the next release; the next big thing that will be used to, in part, define him and his career. Which is OK because he’s just now dropping a window … Read More

RAINTOWN – Writing On The Wall

21 October 2015 |

The catchy and exciting Glasgow country band Raintown comprises award-winning husband and wife duo Paul and Claire McArthur-Bain. Their 2010 debut album Hope In Troubled Times was critically acclaimed and in the last three years their awards have included Entertainer … Read More