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AAA Music | 1 November 2014

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ROUTE 94 – Shards Of Glass

31 October 2014 |

Rowan Jones aka Route 94 has been electrifying dance music in recent times, not only with smash hit ‘My Love’, but numerous underground monsters that will have graced your ears at clubs and festivals.

Smooth and deep as hell, Route 94 has conjured … Read More


30 October 2014 |

Deptford Goth isn’t quite as depressing as his name suggests. His smooth alternative RnB sound hints at James Blake, Jamie Woon and Bon Iver, but exudes an identifiable quality, evident throughout his brand new, sophomore album Songs - and of course … Read More

ELEPHANT STONE – The Three Poisons

29 October 2014 |

Something I really like about Elephant Stone is how their productions are always so expertly constructed, effectively bringing out the essence of a song. Sounds are always colourful, thick and complementing one another.

Moments don’t force your attention on them … Read More

THE DATSUNS – Deep Sleep

28 October 2014 |

A filthy bassline stamps into album opener ‘Caught In The Silver’ before snare, guitar and vocals gather around, menacing. After a minute accumulating the tension, they kick the door in. Don’t be misled by the title, Deep Sleep is … Read More

FINCH – Two Guns To The Temple

28 October 2014 |

As odd as it may seem, this is probably the first Finch song I have ever listened to, so I’m going into this completely unbiased.

Obviously I’d heard of the band, but they have somehow always managed to escape my ears. … Read More


23 October 2014 |

This week, I have been mostly sampling the delights that have been produced by the four-piece, Californian collective who call themselves Delta Spirit.

Fresh from finalising their fourth album (Into The Wide), this West Coast outfit has … Read More

THE SO SO GLOS – Diss Town

22 October 2014 |

‘Diss Town’ is a good single, filled with sing-a-long potential and catchy hooks. The So So Glos have a happy history of producing high tempo rock and this track will delight their growing legion of fans. The … Read More

JINGO – The Art Of Loving

21 October 2014 |

East London has finally come up with an answer to the pit that is your modern rock collection: Jingo.

Psychedelic, haunting and pale minimalist, Jingo will teach you The Art Of Loving by stealing your heart and leaving you … Read More


20 October 2014 |

Plenty of praise is given to tracks nowadays for their ‘clarity’ and ‘high quality production’ yet the latest offering from Slow Down Molasses best take no heed of critics obsessed by a polished sound as they bring fans ‘Summer … Read More


15 October 2014 |

Submotion Orchestra have one of the most impressive instrument ranges I’ve seen in a while. Formed in Leeds in 2009, the seven piece band manages to flawlessly blend acoustic and electronic sound to the point where you forget … Read More