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AAA Music | 22 December 2014

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GODZ CHYLD – Godz Chyld

19 December 2014 |

‘Godz Chyld’ – released a few weeks back – follows up the impressive Forever EP were he collaborated with Killah Priest/Tragedy Khadafi.

Forever EP had some fantastic production on it from Jordan River Banks; it was a good tape and grabbed my attention. This … Read More

MARK LANEGAN – Floor Of The Ocean

18 December 2014 |

Since the period he spent with Screaming Trees, who debuted three decades ago, Mark Lanegan has managed to get his fans accustomed to his music eccentricity and oddity.

That’s why nobody has cried scandal when, in his latest album Phantom Radio, he … Read More


17 December 2014 |

If there is a more obviously Australian group of lads, show them to me now. Sun-kissed skin and hair, the laidback vibe just emanating from under their low-cut tank tops…

Actually, Sunset Sons describe themselves as Anglo-Aussies – but that’s … Read More


16 December 2014 |

36 Crazyfists are a band I haven’t seen/heard from in a while – their last release was four years and a record label ago. But they’re back, newly signed with Spinefarm Records and celebrating their 20th year as a band. … Read More

MT. WOLF – Red

15 December 2014 |

Mt. Wolf have already experienced a few highlights of a proper music career: they gained success, both online and with their live shows, they split…and now they are back again!

The London band returns with the single called ‘Red’. … Read More

ONLY REAL – Pass The Pain

12 December 2014 |

Damon Albarn’s angsty younger brother doesn’t care about anything. He’s sitting in a bath full of Froot Loops. He’s got a blow-up sex doll. He’s got a stack of cheeseburgers. He’s got an effect on his video-editing software that’s psychedelic, … Read More


11 December 2014 |

I don’t think I’d even managed to press play by the time the scintillating sounds of Desperate Journalist were gracing my eardrums…

I tell you what, you’re unlikely to hear a female singer that’ll give you flashbacks of vintage Morrissey … Read More

KERRI WATT – Who’s Lovin’ Me Now

9 December 2014 |

From Kerri Watt’s debut EP comes ‘Who’s Lovin’ me Now?’, a track which takes the much-needed place in your playlist as a song that is pleasant and bounces along, but won’t change your life or make you think.

There is a … Read More

DON BROCO – Money Power Fame

8 December 2014 |

‘Money Power Fame’ sounds like an alluring cocktail for any rock band, but for Don Broco these assets appear to be symptoms of half-hearted song writing, copy and paste verse-chorus’s, and a new single so average, it makes King A. … Read More

LISA STANSFIELD – The Collection 1989-2003

5 December 2014 |

British singer songwriter Lisa Stansfield was adored for her first solo album Affection. Since then she’s won endless awards and sold over twenty million soul and R&B albums worldwide.

Edsel recently reissued all five of Lisa’s Arista albums: Affection (1989), … Read More