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EUGENE QUELL – That One Song

EUGENE QUELL - That One Song

The new single from Eugene Quell, comes from his new EP, A Great Uselessness. The single titled ‘That One Song’ is a heavy, fast-paced and reflective track which gives of the feelings of a reminiscing, life-weary chap. Through the tumultuous instrument work, Quell’s grunge-tinged and sombre tones seem to distantly float along the noise; like [...]

DAVID GRAY – Beautiful Agony

DAVID GRAY - Beautiful Agony

Did you know that David Gray has been producing music since the glory days of White Ladder? I may have been under a rock but I had no idea, so I was pleasantly surprised when I got sent ‘Beautiful Agony’ to listen to. The soft muted tones of the piano and David Gray’s distinctive voice make this song something special and [...]

DARK HORSES – Live On Hunger


‘Live On Hunger’ is a seductively dark psychedelic track released by rockers Dark Horses. Accompanied by a music video directed by Wiz Whiston that captures the ambience of the track in all regards and manages to mirror the edgy attitude of Dark Horses the track succeeds on all levels. The song opens with a slick [...]

MOULETTES – Lady Vengeance

MOULETTES - Lady Vengeance

The third album of Moulettes – Constellations was released earlier this month via Navigator Records. This LP shows that among the decadent and self-repeating music of today there is a place for unique and fresh sound. The highlight of this album is the track named ‘Lady Vengeance’ for which Moulettes presented a fascinating animated black-and-white [...]



A Composer, producer and singer, Lydia Ainsworth is a triple threat. ‘Malachite’ is taken from her debut EP Right From Real Pt. 1, which was released via Arbutus Records on June 10th. Opening with an unidentifiable whirring, the song cuts to a tribal drum beat, underplayed by intergalactic electronic keyboards and incorporated drum machine claps, which [...]

CARIBOU – Can’t Do Without You

CARIBOU - Can’t Do Without You

Daniel Victor Snaith, the man with several musical aliases such as Daphni and Manitoba, is best known to us as Caribou. With his fourth studio album Our Love due to be released on October 6th through Merge records, , is our first delight from the Canadian composer’s forthcoming album. Relaxed and nonchalant saturated synths introduce approximately [...]

SAINT AGNES – Old Bone Rattle

SAINT AGNES - Old Bone Rattle

‘Old Bone Rattle’ is the latest single from blues rock duo Saint Agnes released last month via the London based Energy Snake Records. The track marches to a distinctively psychedelic, desert blues beat that is unmistakably Western in origin with a B-side that sees the duo cover The Doors’ ‘Roadhouse Blues’  led by acoustic guitar and [...]


Taylor McFerrin - Already There

Check out the new talent in town: Brooklyn-based artist Taylor McFerrin, whose debut album Early Riser has recently been released by Brainfeeder. Electronic music producer, multi instrumentalist and singer, he already has the blessing of other fellow musicians like jazz pianist Robert Glasper and jazz/electronic bassist Thundercat, both of whom feature in the track ‘Already [...]


Jet Setter

There’s no time to waste as ‘Not Yet‘, the latest track for Jet Setter, bursts instantly into life and immediately makes the blood rush faster through your veins. With relentless energy and a similar drive to the better tracks from The Strokes, this is a track you have to listen to at all costs. Full [...]

A.J. ELLIS – Cheating The Czar


Coming into life through the classic format of each instrument making an individual entrance, A.J.Ellis - former frontman of Five O’Clock Heroes - shows a wealth of appreciation for his musical predecessors with ‘Cheating The Czar‘, taken from his upcoming debut solo album Bury The Devil. With elements of good old-fashioned country mixed in with essences of Elvis [...]