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RUBBLEBUCKET – Carousel Ride

Carousel Ride

The strong stabs of overdriven guitars, dynamic and galvanizing, befitting for a Sleigh Bells track, are capped off by off-kilter and goofy synths that judder with jovial respite. As the first single off of Brooklyn seven piece’s new album, Survival Sounds, we see a band with an uncompromising circuitry and runs on zany ideas and [...]

MOTÖRHEAD – ‘Lost Woman Blues’

MOTÖRHEAD - 'Lost Woman Blues'

Motörhead are back! After the health issues of the singer Lemmy Kilmister, the band are back with a tour that has seen them playing at the British Summer Festival in Hyde Park few weeks ago and that keeps going on all around the world. Additionally, Motörhead are about to release a reissue of their 21st studio album [...]


Röyksopp & Robyn - Do It Again

It’s a melding of the Scandinavian minds on this one. Norwegian electro duo Röyksopp have come together with Swede Robyn to produce ‘Do It Again’. Having previously worked together on Röyksopp’s ‘The Girl And The Robot’  and Robyn’s ‘None Of Dem’, the trio came together in December 2013 to basically just chill together: “We didn’t [...]

MEANWHILE – Bigger City


In the Age Of The Internet (i.e now), aspiring musicians have it both easier and harder than ever before. It’s now easier because there’s a very easy-to-use way of finding them – which is also the thing that makes it harder, because everyone else can also be found. In this Age Of The Internet, SEO [...]

RHYAN – When I’m With You


The simplicity of ‘When I’m With You’ is breathtaking. Rhyan’s rich vocals are entangled with a piano and cello, sounding as though they are shyly and secretly dancing with each other in a darkened room. It’s the kind of song that gives you shivers with every tinkling note or sweeping chord. However, every time Rhyan slurred the words “when I’m with [...]



Australian five piece The John Steel Singers’ new track ‘Common Thread’ is the older brother to 90s revival that actually got his life together after uni. While many bands in their current infancy are opting for baggy aesthetics and raging against hair conditioners, The John Steel Singers are suited with corduroy, button-ups and clean cut, visceral [...]

KILLER BE KILLED – Wings Of Feather And Wax

KILLER BE KILLED - Wings Of Feather And Wax

In theory, looking at the members of this group, it should be one of the best things ever. Max Cavalera, Greg Puciato, Troy Sanders and Dave Elitch. That’s Soulfy, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Mastodon, and ex-The Mars Volta members. This group of musicians should write songs that redefine alternative heavy music. Do they? Well… Killer [...]



Maybeshewill is a classic post-rock project from the UK. They surprise with their soulful melodies, enchant with the vibrant rhythms and leave listener stranded of the islands of their thoughts and feelings. Ahead of releasing their latest album on August 25th, the band present ‘In Amber’ – the single hiding their secret recipe for the perfect [...]

FEED THE RHINO – Deny And Offend

FEED THE RHINO - Deny And Offend

I’ve seen Feed the Rhino live. It was a pretty wild and energetic set – plenty of heads banging along to their groovy riffs, and fists flying to the heavier bits. ‘Deny And Offend’ makes me want to go and see it all again. It has everything a Feed The Rhino track should have: riffs [...]



Mr. Tembo, the main character of this Damon Albarn song, is a latter day Dumbo. A hero in tusks and proboscides, who shares, with the Disney character, a heart-rending story. Tembo (translated elephant), like many other elephants in Tanzania, is an orphan of poaching. His mother has been killed and the poor pachyderm ended up living [...]