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AAA Music | 2 July 2022

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Is Music a Part of Online Betting Marketing?

29 June 2022 |

Music is the most effective unique selling factor for being recognized in the industry. This is also true in the gaming and betting industries. Casinos offer fantastic music because it makes people feel calm and engaged while they play. Music … Read More

What Are the Benefits of Buying Instruments Online?

16 May 2022 |

It’ll be no surprise that in our tech-dependent world buying everything from groceries to disco balls is now primarily done online. Naturally something doesn’t become so prevalent without having some compelling justification behind it. So if you’re looking for your next musical … Read More

How To Put On A Successful Live Concert

10 May 2022 |

As a musician, you’ve got big dreams — seeing your name up in lights, watching a sea of fans cheering after your first big performance. But you don’t need us to tell you that hosting a successful concert takes more … Read More

Is the Music You Are Using Cleared for Commercial Use? What You Need to Know About Music Licensing

6 April 2022 |

If your company or venture is shooting a commercial, whether it’s a low-budget ad or something you planned for months and spent thousands of dollars on, then no doubt you’ll want to add great music to match and compliment your … Read More

The best hotels in the UK and Ireland to stay in this year

18 March 2022 |

A weekend away is a very important thing for the world today. We have searched all over the country looking for the finest UK and Ireland hotels for your next weekend break from St Moritz Hotel & Suite to St Moritz. We … Read More

QOTSA: Music, Members, and Mark Lanegan

14 March 2022 |

Queens of the Stone Age (QOTSA) is a Californian alternative rock band that formed in 1996. The creative force behind much of the band’s music is the founding member, vocalist, and guitarist, Josh Homme.

Over the years, the band has … Read More

3 Audio Engineering Tips for Any Style of Music

12 March 2022 |

Did you know that the US music industry grew to a worth of $12.15 billion in 2020?

Audio engineering helps producers make great-sounding, clean-cut music. Advanced audio software and audio recording techniques make it easier than ever to push the boundaries … Read More

How to Snatch up Tickets for Rock Concerts on the Cheap

1 March 2022 |

Did you know that 75 percent of people younger than 38 years old say that they like to attend rock concerts and other live music events? Going to see a rock music tour is one of the best experiences that a … Read More