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AAA Music | 26 June 2016

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Let It Be – Live @ The New Theatre

23 June 2016 |

Monday 20th June, Oxford

The iconic and hugely influential band The Beatles sold more singles worldwide than any other band. Internationally known for their colour and charisma as a quartet, they won an Oscar, 10 Grammy Awards and numerous Ivor … Read More

Popular Gambling Related Online Apps for Android

23 June 2016 |

Apps have become more or less like fashion accessories. Every single person has a different taste. This makes it somewhat difficult to come up with a list of the most popular apps. But like fashion accessories, there are items that … Read More

Common People 2016 – Festival Review + Photos

17 June 2016 |

Saturday 28th – Sunday 29th May, Oxford

They say you never forget your first time… and by the gods, I will always remember Common People Oxford 2016. Bit of a mouthful, mind!

So, our long time good buddies who brought us … Read More

Slam Dunk 2016 – Festival Review + Photos

17 June 2016 |

Sunday 29th May, Birmingham 

Having attended past Slam Dunk Festival events, this year was a new adventure after finding the event the year prior to be, well, quite exhausting, as the site in my opinion was too spread out, but … Read More

GREGORY ALAN ISAKOV – With The Colorado Symphony

17 June 2016 |

The gentle and intimate Colorado singer songwriter Gregory Alan Isakov uses guitars and mandolins to merge contemporary American indie with folk. He’s spent much of his life traveling and sings stories about places, distances and landscapes. Amongst his influences are … Read More


17 June 2016 |

The delicate and expressive Finnish singer, once with Helsinki band Joensuu 1685, merges his Scandinavian folk style with Armenian and American country music. There’s a biblical, religious and spiritual context to his intimate song-writing which has been compared with Townes … Read More

JENNY GILLESPIE – Cure For Dreaming

2 June 2016 |

The intense and imaginative American singer songwriter Jenny Gillespie experiments by merging elements of jazz, folk, rock, country, and progressive rock.  Reminiscent of Sarah McLachlan and Kate Bush, she produces and performs her own music and was placed in the … Read More

Magnum – Live @ Norwich Waterfront

25 May 2016 |

Monday 16th May, Norwich

The queue outside the Waterfront in Norwich consisted of mainly 50s/60s aged guys. Obviously, when I last saw Magnum back in the Mid-Eighties the crowd was thirty years younger. Inside the venue it was as if … Read More