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AAA Music | 24 June 2024

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The Pains of Being Pure At Heart @ Circolo degli Artisti

| On 30, Nov 2010

[cincopa AYKAIWqUcvQ6]

Rome, 24th November

There are a lot of expectations for this gig: the venue is full, and that’s unusual for a Wednesday; but the band reputation explains this ferment, they are receiving great reviews and a lot of attention from media. Moreover I appreciate their music, so I’m in the right mood to see their live show.

The start has been postponed to 10,30 pm so they got hold the of the stage on time.

I have to admit that these five guys have no sense for fashion and it’s not good for people who want to be called “artist”, the blue and white striped polo shirt makes the singer look like a student at a school ball.

Anyway, the audience doesn’t care and wait for their music. They start with the Smiths-esque pop ballad This love is fucking right!, sound is very clear, the guitarist is quite good but they don’t shine, moreover the singer goes out of tune sometimes. They don’t change arrangement, but it’s like their music sound less powerful than the studio version, that is quite strange as it usually it’s the other way round.

Young adult friction is delightful, but in this case as well I think they are too similar to The Cure, maybe these guys have to work on their personality, find a peculiarity that could make them unique in a music scene crammed with bands that sound very similar each other. There’s a good raw material, but they have to work on it, especially they need to find the way to make every song really different compared to the others, if you are abstracted for a little while and they change song you can think that it’s the previous one.

Higher than stars is amazing, its synth backdrop in the intro is really cool, people enjoy the moment and sing along and surprisingly I smiled, this song emanates good vibrations while Heart in your heartbreak is very similar to a song by The Drums, they have to be careful also in using reverb, the New York area is becoming dangerous for new bands who decide to follow the new trends.

Their set goes on with Stay alive and the lovely Teenager in love, lovely for his catchy music even if the lyrics are pretty hard, I really like this kind of contrast, music that makes your heart light and heavy at the same time.

They end with 103 after only forty-five minutes, to come back with Kip Berman playing Contender only with his voice and guitar. Say no to love and Gentle sons close the gig.

Even if I criticize more than one thing, I spent a good night, they are pleasant to be heard, if they succeed in improve their personality they could become a great band.

Author: Roberta Capuano

Photos: Simone Cecchetti