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AAA Music | 22 August 2018

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AAA Music Approved: Lisa Canny

21 August 2018 |

Who are you and where are you from?

I am Lisa Canny – from a small village called Hollymount, Co. Mayo in the West of Ireland. I am the youngest of 3. I have 65 first cousins. At family events the sing-song … Read More

SWING OUT SISTER – Almost Persuaded

15 August 2018 |

The dreamy and soulful British trio Swing Out Sister rose to international fame in 1987 and are fondly remembered, in particular, for the joyfulness of ‘Breakout’. Their debut album It’s Better To Travel, a huge hit at home, turned gold … Read More

AAA Music Approved: Plaid Brixx

13 August 2018 |

Who are you and where are you from?

This is Chris, frontman for Plaid Brixx.  I established the band in 2013 after I finished school and returned home to Columbus, Ohio where I grew up.  Plaid Brixx is built on … Read More

Camp Bestival – Live Review + Photos

8 August 2018 |

Thursday 26th August – Sunday 29th August, East Lulworth

It only seems like yesterday when the good people of Bestival, provided a funky weekend of tunes and stuff under the guise of Common People, and only a few short months … Read More

AAA Music Approved: DD Allen

6 August 2018 |

Who are you and where are you from?

My name’s DD Allen and I’m a singer, songwriter and guitarist from Bournemouth. I started out performing gigs as a solo acoustic act and formed a band shortly after supporting James Blunt … Read More

AAA Music Approved: The Eiffels

2 August 2018 |

Who are you and where are you from?

The Eiffels. We’re a Los Angeles based indie rock band. I met the guys through mutual friends in L.A. We got together right before our first tour.

What inspired you to get into … Read More

AAA Music Approved: HANA2K

2 August 2018 |

Who are you and where are you from?

I’m Hana and I come from a small sea-side village called Sully in Wales – in Welsh it’s also called Sili. I’m the youngest in the village by far, I … Read More

Melt Festival 2018 – Live Review

23 July 2018 |

“The Berghain of festivals”. This is a phrase I came across a lot this year when reading about or discussing Melt Festival. It’s an interesting comparison and one that certainly has its merits. Both are legendary within the Berlin techno … Read More

Oneohtrix Point Never – Live @ The Barbican

18 July 2018 |

Saturday 7th July, London

Daniel Lopatin, better known to internet based fandoms as Oneohtrix Point Never, is an innovative and forward thinking producer. In his recent string of shows he has extrapolated the themes and aesthetics of his latest LP … Read More

The Undeniable Link Between Music And Casinos

18 July 2018 |

Everything we do, and every decision we make in life can be seen as a gamble. In our work, our relationships and our day to day lives, we mentally weigh up odds, decide how much risk we are prepared … Read More