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AAA Music | 9 April 2020

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AAA Music Approved: Dogtooth

7 April 2020 |

Who are you and where are you from?

Dogooth. John Hewitson: lead guitar/vocals, Craig Morrison: bass, Robert Lang: drums/backing vocals.

A chance meeting between myself at 11 years old and a 12 year old Craig at a scooter rally led … Read More

11 of the Best Music Festivals Around the World

31 March 2020 |

It’s over 50 years since 400,000 people attended the music festival that changed all music festivals forever. Woodstock Music and Art Fair saw mud, medical emergencies, and poor catering. Somehow it has become the benchmark for music festivals thereafter.

There’s … Read More

Submit Music for TV: 5 Things Indie Music Artists Need to Know to Get Their Music on Television

31 March 2020 |

Are you a talented singer or musician? If so, you are likely hungry to find ways to share your work with as many people as possible.

The process of getting your music recorded and exposed to the world is both … Read More

What is GamStop and Why It Was Created

19 March 2020 |

If you’ve been into gambling and you’re currently living in the UK, you probably heard of a service called Gamstop quite a few times. However, most of the rumors circling gamblers aren’t really true regarding this service, which is why … Read More

Musical Experiences You Can Enjoy In Berlin This Summer

19 March 2020 |

Berlin is a magical city filled with glorious views, incredible venues, delicious food and a vibrant musical culture.  

Whilst the city is renowned for its techno and exhilarating club scene, there’s something to suit music lovers and performers from … Read More

Possible Сhanges to Betting Advertising from Football Association

17 March 2020 |

The one-year relationship between the famous Ladbrokes and the Football Association finally came to an end. The FA board held a meeting in the recent past had concluded that it would most definitely end the sponsorships which are attached to … Read More

The Impact of Gambling for Maori Families

17 March 2020 |

The Maori people are known for their receptiveness and embrace of foreign influence. Gambling is one of these western concepts that has been gladly accepted as a social activity. It is not uncommon to see around Maori settlements and villages, … Read More

Lloyds Banking Group and Gamban partnership

17 March 2020 |

Lloyds Banking Group has partnered with Gamban, a software provider. The main aim of this partnership is to ensure that the Lloyds Bank customers are able to self-exclude themselves from gambling-related activities in a way to control the influence of … Read More

It’s a Hit: Your Guide to Finding the Best Music Production App on Mac

16 March 2020 |

Mac computers are really the best option for the creative individual. Among the many apps that exist on the Mac are music production apps. If you have ever dreamed of creating music then there are a variety of great music … Read More

How to Make the Most of Press Release for Your New Song or Album?

16 March 2020 |

From gambling to retail and media to music, internet marketing is important in almost every sector because it aligns with the way consumers make purchasing decisions. It enables companies to be open for business around the clock. Offering products on … Read More