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AAAmusic: Hi Tigran. Could you tell us a little about your upbringing and how you got involved with music? Tigran Hamasyan: I was born in Gyumri, Armenia in ‘87. When I was one-year-old our town was almost completely devastated by the crazy earthquake of 1988. During the same time, the Soviet Union collapsed and a [...]


Bombay Bicycle Club - Carry Me

‘Carry Me’ is the first single to be released from Bombay Bicycle Club’s fourth forthcoming album So Long, See You Tomorrow, which is due to be released on February 3, 2014. It sees an evolutionary shift from the alternative/indie rock sound of 2011’s A Different Kind of Fix in favour of a more experimental electronic [...]

EMPTY POOLS – Slack Tide


‘Slack Tide’ is a charming indie rock track accompanied by one of the most charming animated music videos to grace the surface in recent years. It has everything expected of an indie rock track; mellow guitar riffs, simple acoustic strumming patterns and an overall laid back, carefree vibe. The vocals are layered effortlessly over the [...]

WOLF PEOPLE – When The Fire Is Dead In The Grate


When the Fire is Dead in the Grate is a new limited vinyl 12’’ by critically hailed Wolf People. This EP consists of four tracks representing few directions of a voyage that Wolf People dared to take. When the Fire is Dead in the Grate is an effort undertaken for the sake of prog-rock sound revival. [...]

WEATHERBIRD – Chasing Dragons


‘Chasing Dragons’ is the second single from Weatherbird’s EP Cut Me Loose. The overall architecture of this track is that of a traditional grunge/rock anthem; showcasing a Foo Fighters-esque methodical thrashing, and scratchy vocal-roars with an emotive hint of Cobain. ‘Chasing Dragons’ is certainly a well forged head-banger that raises its energy levels as it [...]

PIXIES – Another Toe in the Ocean


Pixies return from a long hiatus with new material on their 2013 EP, titled EP1; in which they have journeyed without original bassist and founding member Kim Deal. ‘Another Toe in the Ocean’ is a well composed track that is charmingly reflective in nature; escorted by an epic video that truly shows us what is [...]


Variations of Sun

‘ ‘Sun’ opens with lonely electronics, which work beautifully with the video’s journey through natural landscapes to meet a mysterious shirted girl in the forest. With the chorus comes an icaro of drums and piano, a call to the journey’s destination, which builds as the song goes on and is strengthened by the ethereal echo of [...]

CHAMPS – Savannah


Taken from Down Like Gold, to be released in late February, ‘Savannah’ is an upbeat track which is a relief for the coming winter months ahead. Opening with sunny piano melodies and spirited percussion, the song possesses the kind of energy that breeds smiles with every bar line. Quite a character, the vocal performance is distinctive and [...]



It usually starts with a tingling in your toes and then starts crawling up your muscles and bones, climbing your spine and bursts in your ears. It’s an electric shock that some songs give you when you first listen to them. It’s a magic combination of wisely produced tracks and the emotions the music stimulate. [...]

SLACK ARMADA – Slack Armada EP

Slack Armada EP

Slack  Armada is a solo project of James Hrabak – multi-instrumentalist based in Chicago. James started his music career in shoegaze and noise-rock but the inspirational drive for his brand-new music was found in the acts like Boards of Canada and Mogwai. The result of his music independence and original sonic view is represented in [...]