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AAA Music | 24 June 2024

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BIG DEAL New single “Talk” Released 4 April on Moshi Moshi Singles Club

| On 25, Feb 2011

Big Deal is Kacey Underwood and Alice Costelloe, an American boy and British girl bringing together electric fuzz and acoustic sheen, ambitious songs riddled with ambivalent lyrics of adult compromise and teen angst. They both sing, they both write, and they both play live, creating a tender, razor sharp noise. In the summer of 2010, they got tired of plugging things in, wearing ear plugs and waiting around. They then decided to start a band together, and with that, commenced writing and recording in their bedrooms.

The result is a clutch of songs that are structurally sparse as they are emotively rich, sweet and seductive as they are jagged. With “Talk”, the tension between the two perfectly illustrates the push-pull of relationships while, on the flipside, “Locked Up” could be one of the most raggedly affecting love songs this year, with the pair proclaiming “I’m a mess/ I’m a wreck/ but you wouldn’t know/ cos I’m at my best/ when I’m with you”. This is woozy, magical bedroom rock, understated and discreet music for the early hours, at once beautiful and alarming.

This single is but the first step in Big Deal’s plan for the year, with the pair having recently signed to Mute, through which they will release a full-length album in the summer. “Talk”, however, is a thrilling start, and a clear signal that Big Deal really will live up to their apt moniker as the year rolls on.


  • Talk
  • Locked Up