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AAA Music | 20 May 2024

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Duran Duran – All You Need Is Now

| On 20, Mar 2011

The release of a new Duran Duran album is always surrounded by expectation and curiosity, thanks to the long career spanning over 30 years of great hits, flops, splits, reunions, off side projects and unexpected come backs.

For All You Need Is Now the band collaborates with Mark Ronson – eclectic player and, most important, expert and lover of the 80s sound. The result will not disappoint the fans of the first three, unforgettable albums.

Ronson plays a significant role in aiding Duran Duran to reach back to the sound of their debut, dusting off the arpeggios of the old synths, mighty guitars, electro drum and the good mix between happiness and melancholy.

The album titled single enhances Simon Le Bon rich and as never before powerful voice, aided by a dance rock beat which with no doubt will help the track become one of the bands’ classic hits.

The emotional Mediterranea is one of the jewels of the album: a modern Save a Prayer. Nick Rhodes synth in the track bear the Duran Duran trademark, so does John Taylor base parts and the guitar slide of Dom Brown (co-author of all tracks on the album).
Girl Panic! Brings back to mind the unforgettable Girls On Film and the drum beat brings us all back to those marvellous years, where experimental mixed with the fashion aesthetics.

Elegant atmospheres in Leave A Light On, which boosts the collaboration of Owen Pallett (Arcade Fire).

Another great special guest is Ana Matronic, Scissors Sisters vocalist, which features in Safe (In The Heart Of The Moment): another wild disco tune destined to become a hit.

A Diamond In The Mind and Return To Now – two short orchestral breaks – will take the listener by surprise and are two of the gems of the album.
Kelis is the sensual guest on The Man Who Stole A Leopard, but also need a mention the catchy, Kaiser Chief beat-alike Other People’s Lives, Being Followed, Blame The Machines – which Ronson broadcasted last July on his radio show – and the beautiful Before The Rain.

A truly beatiful album, a success. Welcome back Duran Duran!

Author: Luca Cirillo