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AAA Music | 28 September 2020

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Introducing….Chalk and Numbers

| On 30, Jul 2011

Brooklyn’s Chalk And Numbers make modern Indie Pop with Classic Pop touches. With influences ranging from The Beach Boys to Dusty Springfield, they use older recording techniques to capture the charm of antiquated sounds. They are welcome change of pace,  avoiding all things modern (and digital) during the recording process, instead choosing to reveal current influences in a more earthy, organic way. Sable Yong’s contemporary vocals find home in stripped back production, her dolcet tone something akin to a time portal to the greats of yesteryear and positively lights up Andrew Pierce’s gorgeous arrangements with a rare verve and character. Their songs are odes from the hart, wanton and lusty with tinges of regret.


While there is an element of lo-fi to them, Chalk And Numbers don’t veer into the place of over distortion that most modern lo-fi bands inhabit. The goal is great sounding, modern Indie Pop music and this vibrant band embrace all influences, old and new, to get there.


Listen To ‘Let’s Go Away’ Here