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AAA Music | 7 August 2020

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Wretch 32 – Black and White

| On 15, Aug 2011

“Anniversary feat Alex Mills” The song kicks off with a nice drum and piano chords being played. The song is really vocally and the lyrics are really touching, about when you met your love of your life. Anniversary is the day that once you met the love of your life. Alex Mills also is beautifully featured in the song, and the album is kicking off nicely. “Black and White” starts off with a guitar that is accompanied with a live atmosphere. The drum sound is really dirty and it makes the sound organic and this makes the lyrics just flow really nice together. Then a dark and twisted sound is being produced with some piano chords. The way the song is constructed sounds to me like things are in “Black and White”. It’s about how people don’t see colours in their life. “I’m Not The Man feat Angel & Chipmunk” The song starts off with some nice piano being played. There is also some nice drum clap being plaid accompanied what’s being played. The vocals are really nice, because they are about what happens in the men’s life and what bad things they do. The vocals become calmer with them being doubled. This is a song that makes the listener think about their actions and consequences are to deal with. Featuring Angel and Chipmunk make a good pair singing in this song. “Never Be Me feat Angel” The song starts with some nice oriental drum groves. They are accompanied with some nice vocals that also get a nice effect at times on them.  The song gets more depth with the effects being produced with the guitar and piano. It all sounds melodic and Angel sounds good as usual. “Please Don’t Let me Go” The song kicks off with some nice trippy piano, drums and dirty bass being played. The vocals sound really sweet and so do the backing vocals. It’s a sweet song that drives you forward. The echo effects that are being used are really great addition, that dives the listener into a trance. This is due to the vocals being dubbed.  “Traktor feat l” starts off with some nice urban beats and effects. The bass effect is really acoustic and makes the listener dance, though the vocals fit in rather nicely. The synthesized lead effects fit in great and the piano part that is being played is a good bridge that takes the listener into a trance. “Unorthodox feat Example” “Example” is well known from his resents success from the charts. The song starts off with a funky guitar lead being played. This is being accompanied with some nice vocals that fit in well. Then the songs influences sounds Carrabin and that gives the song a change in the guitar riffs. This is really nice, because there is some more depth that takes the listener into a deeper trance. “Example” does a great job.


“Breath (Sha La La)”starts off with some relaxing drum beats that are being accompanied with some nice organ chord sounds. The vocals are really smooth and they fit in well in the song. The way the song drives forward is really nice, because it is really catchy. This can be a greater song. “Don’t Be Afraid feat Delilah” the song starts with some powerful vocal by “Delilah”. They are accompanied with some nice piano lead. The song is really sad, because people nowadays are too “afraid of who they are”. The changes happen in a way they take you further into a trance, because they go back and forth and they get into your head by the end. “Don’t Go feat Josh Kumra” starts off with some nice vocal echoes. The ways the vocal are matched to the bass are really nice, because they sound well that way together. Then there is a nice bass drum that accompanies the whole song and the atmosphere, becomes more upbeat, which is nice.  The song is about not leaving, which is nice, because in troubled times this is what happens.  “Josh Kumra” fits in well in the song. “Forgiveness feat Etta Bond” starts off with a high voice being sung. Then the voice changes and gets “Kanye West” style vocal effects on. They are accompanied with some nice piano lead being played. Then the song becomes deeper. The song changes make “Etta Bond” stands out and the song is really sad and deep. The drum beat changes area bringing more depth to the song. The song is really nice and touches the listener, because the synthesiser towards the end brings the song to a climax. Overall this is a great song in the album with lots of depth and variety to it. “Hush Little Baby feat Ed Sheeran” starts off with a nice acoustic guitar. This has effects of a thunder, which accompanied with some nice lyrics. Then the song becomes upbeat with some nice drum beats being played. The song gets a piano and an electric guitar. The songs vocals become really rich in quality and clarity. This song is about not crying when someone has to leave and can’t come back. “Ed Sheeran” makes himself really powerful fit in and especially towards the end the song goes more into the listeners head, with the addition to the violins. “Let Yourself Go” the song starts with some really powerful drums. Then the vocals come in that are accompanied with some nice piano. There are some nice dirty effects at times. The violins are really giving some nice depth that sounds really nice. Overall this is a nice cute powerful song with some nice lyrics, about what people shouldn’t hang onto but let go. “Long Way Home feat Daley” starts off with some nice piano chords accompanied with some nice violins. The vocals and lyrics are all really powerful, because they are all about being far from home and all the bad things that happen before you reach it. The different synthesised effects ad some nice depth to the song. Towards the end the listener is in a trance and just wants to be home sweet home. “Sane’s New Mad” starts with some nice distorted vocal effect. They are accompanied with some nice echo effects. Then some nice dirty bass is being added, which drives the song with some nice drums. Then the song changes and it becomes more dance oriented at times. The way the changes happen in the song are really getting to the listeners head. The echo effects being used on the vocals and on the overall song make it go into your the listeners head.


All the featuring artists are really great addition for “Wretch 32” which make the album even greater than it already sounds.


If people are wondering why the events of the 08 August 2011 happened listen to “Wretch 32 – Black and White”.


Author: Enrico Dow