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AAA Music | 19 May 2024

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| On 18, Sep 2011

Loyal to A Fault, is released on Mannequin in collaboration with Desire Records of France on September 19th. It’s a new joint creation by Los Angeles based Scott Milton and Philipp Munch of The Rorschach Garden.

The music is a bit odd and dark. It’s addictive and dramatic electronica with a gothic, romantic style. It mesmerises with hypnotic droning sounds and strong bass lines. The infectious feel is that something passionate and radical is being celebrated in some adventurous industrial landscape.


Within the perceptive and intimate lyrics are many observations of human nature embracing bravery, honesty, optimism and curiosity. Harmony is contrasted with rejection and the fear of isolation which stems from it. The complicated nature of loyalty is also explored.

It will probably be appreciated by fans of The Sisters of Mercy, Front 242, Colin Newman and Asylum Party.

The album is a limited edition of 300 copies in white vinyl with an inner sleeve. Had it been made in the 1980s coldwave era, it might have been produced in much larger quantities!

The 10 tracks are: The Start Echo Mix,  Rejection,  Cheap Trills , The Distance Between Us,  Alone, A New Day,  Intrigue, Loyal To A Fault, Careful What You Wish For and Precision.


Anthony Weightman