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AAA Music | 27 May 2019

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Doe Paoro (for fans of Imgogen Heap, Lykke Li, James Blake)

| On 23, Apr 2012

Brooklyn-based artist Doe Paoro (aka SoniaKreitzer) describes her music as “Ghost Soul,” characterized by a dolorous, ethereal sound that evokes the resurrection of “a choir of ghosts who haven’t completely detached from the human experience.”

Echoes of attachment and detachment permeate her debut album, Slow to Love. The tracks’ haunting vocals were strongly influenced by her in-depth study of Lhamo—a powerful, unusual and vocally acrobatic Tibetan-style opera—that she encountered while traveling alone through the Himalayas this past year.

During this period, Paoro also spent several weeks practicing silent meditation. The high-contrast nature of her music is directly influenced by these experiences, which forced her to reflect on the deep and expansive space between silence and sound.

Upon returning to the U.S., Paoro sketched out Slow to Love while isolated in a cabin near her hometown of Syracuse, New York, finishing off production a few weeks later back in Brooklyn.

Paoro has been compared to Imgogen Heap, Lykke Li and James Blake, but her haunting vocals and spacious arrangements are singular, realized in a state of sorrow without bitterness, passion without pretence.

Doe possess both a clean, capable voice – Stereogum