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AAA Music | 23 April 2024

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Sad Accordians – A Bad Year For The Sharons

| On 27, May 2012

Sad Accordions are a five-piece band from Austin, Texas featuring a multitude of talented musicians from different backgrounds who all bring their unique talents to the table, creating the fusion of sounds that is “A Bad Year For The Sharons”. Although ‘A Bad Year For The Sharons’ was written and recorded in 2006, but this is the first full release of the band’s otherwise out of print debut.
Sad Accordians experiment with many different sounds and instruments which gives their songs a multi-dimensional sound. Songs that could have been typical folk songs are transformed into complex works with many different instruments and sounds working together in harmony.
The album opens with “Into The New Day” a mesmerising piece that sets the tone for this atmospheric album. “Loving Ones” is a highlight it is a classic forlorn country inspired song, complete with harmonica interjections and story-telling inspired lyrics. As is “Slow”, this song has a great swing rhythm- it is one of the songs on the albums that makes use of all the sounds Sad Accordians are capable of making. The upbeat chorus has a very Americana sound, and with the steady drums and the layered harmonies- it is anything but “slow”. We hear a more vulnerable sound on “The Boy who Wanted To Build a Bridge But Got a Wall Instead” this is a more melancholic song with tones of regret and sadness in the vocals that reel in the listener.
Sad Accordians have an intruiging sound- almost every song on this album has a different style and is unique in itself, and while this may not make for the most coherent of albums, it certainly makes for an interesting listen.

Orna Lyons