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AAA Music | 22 February 2024

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Sponsored Video: Mentos Presents Mentos Mentors

| On 11, Dec 2015


Check out the clip below to see how the straight-forward innocence of children can teach adults (Hitch-style) to connect in a more complete way with others. These pint-sized “communication experts” speak into earpieces instructing the shy and bashful grownups on how to interact with those near them. The results? Sweet, just like the chewy goodness of a pack of Mentos.

Mmmm, Mentos. Are they mints or are they sweets? We’re not sure [*Googles “Mentos”: they are scotch mints*…*Googles “scotch mints”……*], but what we do know is that they are delicious, soft and chewy lumps of joy cased in a hard, sweet shell. We like ‘em a lot – we’d never say no to a pack of Mentos. Have you got any Mentos? Anyway, Mentos have got a brand new video clip to support their new tag line “Who Says No to Mentos?”…As discussed, WE definitely wouldn’t say no to Mentos (we wouldn’t say maybe either, we’d say YES), but discussing who might say no to Mentos isn’t really the point here – it’s more of a rhetorical question, because (probably) no one would say no to Mentos. And that’s a pack of Mentos, or maybe a single Mentos sweet, not the business Mentos, FYI. Who Says No to [a pack of] Mentos? There might be someone who says no to the company behind Mentos? For instance, if Mentos said “can I have your hat” or “can we rule the world”, one might say no.

Seriously, back to the video: BBH London has come up with ‘Mentos Mentors’, which is a film of sorts that investigates the idea that kids could help us connect better with the people around us. In this Internet Age where we all have smart phones, tablets, laptops, constant 3-4G, etc, we should be more connected than ever before, but really all this technological advancement has resulted in people avoiding real, personal interaction. You know, with actual human beings. The idea of Mentos Mentors is that we were much more engaged with other people and our environment before we had all these gadgets and this unlimited access – and that was when we were kids.

Post sponsored by Mentos