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AAA Music | 19 June 2024

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AAA Music Approved: Kierra Shunte

| On 15, Aug 2017

Kierra Shunte

Who are you and where are you from?

My name is Kierra Shunte and I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. I started singing at the age of three. I performed at my first wedding when I was five years old. It was at that time that I realised I’d rather be a singer than an astronaut or some other fantasy job you have when you’re five!

What inspired you to get into music?

I have always loved music especially the melodies. I tend to get hooked on the melody of a song and have it on repeat for hours. Although, I love all genres of music I classify myself as a Pop/R&B singer. I am inspired by any artist following their passion; however, if I had to choose someone who has influenced me, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson are at the top of my list.

What have you done?

I consider myself lucky to have been able to share my talents in many different ways. I have performed my original music since the age of 12 in addition to performing in plays, musicals, commercials and philanthropic events. I recently released a single called “Dazzle” and am extremely proud to be able to work with talented artist such as Nick Grant and Jamal “Gravy” Woolard both featuring in the video. I released my latest project “Candy Coated Kisses” this past October and have definitely been working on new music behind the scenes that I can’t wait to share.

What are you like live?

I definitely feel like I dedicate a lot of time to my live performances. I have a full band, dancers, and background singers. At each show, my goal is to take the audience through a journey some are high moments and others are emotional ones. I love looking out into the audience and seeing everyone having a good time.

What makes you different?

I’m just myself. I don’t try to fit in or emulate anyone. I just enjoy being me and I think that’s a rarity within itself.

Physical vs downloading vs streaming…How do you listen to music?

I use all formats to listen to music. It just depends on what my mood is that day. Am I in the mood to hear a playlist I made? If so, I use Spotify. Do I want to listen to a full body of work? If so, I pop in a CD. Do I have a song stuck in my head? If so, I buy it on iTunes. As long as I can get to the music, I want to hear I’m not particular on any format.

What have you been listening to?

My musical tastes definitely jump around. The top 3 on my playlist right now are: “Relationships” by Future and Young Thug, “2U” by David Guetta and Justin Bieber, and “Unforgettable” by French Montana and Swae Lee.

What are your aspirations for the future?

I am looking forward to touring soon. We have been working hard to put together an amazing show with new music and new vibes to share that with my fans. My video will actually be playing in Foot Locker starting in September.

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