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AAA Music | 31 March 2020

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Musicians Stuck in the Shadows of their Siblings

| On 29, Jan 2019


Coming from a family of musicians is all fun and games until one sibling debuts first. It is all fun and games until you try to make your debut but no matter how much you try, you are stuck in the other sibling shadow. This is the story for the following musicians.

Stuck in the Shadow

Noah Cyrus

Who knew Miley Cyrus had a younger sister? Noah Cyrus, released her first song “Make me Cry” ft Labyrinth in 2016. The song did manage to receive many positive views from the fans. However, many critics state that the song got so much recognition because of Miley. Therefore, Noah would have to work hard to actually get the credit on her own. Since Miley is married to one of the Hemsworth brothers, that means Noah has to work harder.

Solange Knowles

Beyoncé, we all know that you have heard of her. Come to think of it there might be online slots based on the star which would explain how you have also heard of Solange as well. Despite the fact that Solange is a Knowles through and through, many doubt that she will ever be able to step out of the shadow of her sister. Solange has however managed to release a few songs, but somewhere, people critics state that she is basking under the shadow of Queen B.

Julio Iglesias

He is actually the older to Enrique Iglesias, by 2 good years. However, following their father, Enrique was the first to taste fame. Julio followed soon after in hot pursuit. He has managed to release a few songs of his own and was even a model and some world bookies female fans still crush on him. However, like the latter, it will be a bit hard to step away from the path that his brother paved for him. What makes it even harder for Julio is that he shares his name with their father. Therefore making it more challenging for him to be recognized.