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AAA Music | 20 May 2024

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Take Your Music to the Next Level with YouTube

| On 28, Feb 2021

Are you a musician struggling to take your career to the next level? Think about traditional avenues to success, such as a record label. Chances of getting a deal these days are slim, simply the industry has changed. In fact, it’s now possible to develop your own music career and promote yourself. Spotify and social media are helpful, but one platform musicians are increasingly turning to is YouTube. 

YouTube have been transformative in the world of entertainment. Content creators now reach millions of fans and make millions of dollars across a range of niches without needing an agent or middleman. 

It’s the internet effect in full action, just like the online world transformed other industries, such as online casinos. Speaking of casinos, getting something like a LeoVegas Welcome Bonus can help your iGaming sessions go a lot further when signing up to a casino. 

As the internet transformed other industries, so it has also the music industry. Alongside streaming, artists no longer need to rely on record companies and mass physical distribution. Now they can reach fans directly through platforms like YouTube

Below are some tips for enhancing your music career through YouTube:

Make the Best Content Possible

It sounds easy, make amazing content. However, it’s easier said than done. Getting lucky and going viral is one thing, but creating content that is truly valuable to your audience takes practice. As a musician, you may think engaging people is simply posting your tracks. Unfortunately, you need to do more and make audience members think they are one-on-one with you. 

They need to look forward to your videos. Sure, there’s a fine line between sticking as a musician and becoming a YouTuber meme factory. If you seriously want to stick to music, find interesting and exciting ways to highlight your songs. Music videos, lyric videos, and live shows are some ways you can click with your audience. Creating good content also helps you to earn credibility among the peoples and make your living from it as well.

Draw People In

Perhaps the hardest part of building an audience on YouTube is making them know you even exist. You are competing with millions of videos uploaded each day, and tens of thousands from other musicians. Handy social media marketing can help, but you also need to appeal to people who may find you by chance. 

This could be creating a catchy (avoid clickbait) title that does well on YouTube algorithms and allows your video to rank on more suggested lists. Another good option is to create dynamic and interesting thumbnails. You will be surprised how many people click a video simply because the thumbnail is appealing. And again, avoid baiting people with thumbnails that are unrelated to your video content. 

Engage with Your Audience

Many people who watch YouTube channels stick around because they feel connected with the content creator… that’s why they’re called communities. Developing a creator-audience rapport can be important, especially as a musician who may want audience members to become customers who buy your songs. 

You can try responding to comments. Sure, if you’re Lady Gaga and have millions of views, responding to comments won’t work. That said, when starting out this is the easiest way to engage with your audience. Other options include Q&A videos or even live streams. There’s a lot you do, but it’s important to build a relationship with your fans.