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How to win at casino with a small budget

| On 04, Jun 2021

Casinos are profit-seeking businesses which means that the services they offer are designed to bring in some revenue. Individual casinos will have different methods of doing that but something that is common with all the casinos is the “House Edge”. The house edge is the portion of bets that is taken in by casinos as profits. Different games have different levels of the house edge – check out our blog here.

We know from numerous stories that casino gambling can be unsuccessful and financially difficult if the player is not being careful. Behold the holy grail of casino gambling: how does one bypass the house edge and win at casino?

There are different ways of maximising your chances of winning. Big spenders have the highest chance – the more tries you have, the more likely you are to hit that sweet spot where it rains down in cash. But it can also be done with a small budget!

Below you will find advice on how to win at casino on a tight budget.  

Know the game you play – slots 

Here are some essential facts about slot games: they are completely random and completely down to your luck! Currently, there are no known slot games that involve skill or strategy.

The very essence of a slot game is that it relies on the RNG (random-number-generator). The RNG creates series of random numbers very rapidly (several numbers in a split-second). The outcome of your spin depends on the number that the RNG created at the exact moment when you hit “spin”. 

When a game is completely random, it is hard to tell what the winning formula could be. However, some tips can help you make the right choices: 

  • Choose games with high RTPs. The higher the RTP, the higher the theoretical chance of winning.
  • Avoid slots with progressive jackpots if you’re on a tight budget. These games normally offer less returns to the players in the base game as a trade-off for the chance of hitting the jackpot. Anything can happen in slots and you might win the progressive jackpot within a few spins. However, the likelihood of that happening is extremely slim.
  • Choose games with free spins. When on a tight budget, the biggest of wins are likely to come in bonus rounds such as free spins!
  • Consider using casino bonuses. These are offers that could significantly increase your budget. Remember that terms and conditions apply to bonus offers and they should always be inspected carefully. 

Know the game you play – live casino 

Live casino games are different from slots. They still rely on chance but some of them involve skill and strategy!

The fact that the games are live (streamed from a studio where a game with physical cards/game tables is taking place in real-time) means that the outcomes are based on real random events and not digital randomising devices. 

Live casino is where bypassing the house edge becomes possible. This can be done through practising and gaining experience, using strategy and calculating your odds. 

  • In card games, learn to count cards. There are many methods of doing that and many sources that you can learn from. Counting cards is essential if you wish to calculate your odds and use every bit of information available to your advantage.
  • When playing games like Blackjack, Baccarat and Spanish 21, use strategy charts. These are tables that portray possible outcomes and recommended actions that are associated with these outcomes.  


By using the information above, you should be able to increase your chances of winning on a small budget. However, keep in mind that all casino games rely on chance and random outcomes. Luck plays a major part in all casino games and unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee winning.

Always play responsibly and only bet what you can afford to lose.