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Which is NetEnt’s latest progressive slot jackpot title?

| On 04, Jun 2021

NetEnt are a hugely popular developer who have released many critically acclaimed games. They have developed several well liked progressive slot titles, with many new progressive jackpot releases on the horizon – join and spin. 

Progressive Jackpots 

Progressive jackpot slot titles are often incredibly popular with players. There is a simple reason for this, progressive jackpots can award players with a massive amount of money. Typically, a progressive jackpot will award the lucky winner a minimum of a million pounds! This makes them especially lucrative. Players should be aware that the chances of winning a progresive jackpot are incredibly low, the odds are similar to winning the lottery. Nevertheless, plenty of players enjoy simply taking part in a progressive jackpot, with the excitement that comes from playing being one of the main factors for this enjoyment. These types of jackpots are pricey to enter, players should always make sure they have an appropriate bankroll size before deciding to compete. Progressive jackpot slots have been released by pretty much every major slot developer, they are not difficult to find.

NetEnt Progressive Jackpots 

NetEnt are one of the most popular developers, they have created titles that are incredibly beloved by slot players. Their progressive jackpot slots are incredibly popular titles as well. The following are some of their most popular progressive jackpot releases. 

●     Mega Fortune is arguably NetEnt’s most popular progressive jackpot release. This slot has everything, from fun gameplay to great designs and a massive jackpot prize. Based on the lavish lifestyle of the uber wealthy, Mega Fortune offers a progressive jackpot which promises to fulfill the lucky winners’ wildest dreams. The jackpot even held the record for highest progressive jackpot payout in the past!

●     Arabian Nights is another fiercely popular progressive jackpot slot game, this time it is themed around an Arabian setting. Taking place at night, players have the chance to win a massive jackpot with the help of special features such as free spins and multipliers. 

Best Progressive Jackpot Tips 

Winning a progressive jackpot is hard, the odds of claiming the jackpot are akin to winning the lottery. Despite this, many players try their luck. The following are some of the best tips that players should use when playing a progressive jackpot. 

  1. Remember that it’s all about luck! It can be easy to forget that winning is completely down to luck. Try not to get frustrated when you lose, gambling when in a negative mindset is only going to lead to trouble.
  2. Don’t forget to check the paytable The paytable has all sorts of vital information which should help players such as what bonus features there are, how to trigger them and how many paylines there are.
  3. Check the terms and conditions. Perhaps the most important thing, checking the terms and conditions will prevent any nasty surprises from appearing. 

Final Thoughts 

NetEnt have released beloved progressive slot titles such as Arabian Nights and Mega Fortune. Recently, they have continued to release amazing progressive slots for players to enjoy!