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AAA Music | 23 April 2024

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First Guitar? Here is What you Need to Know

| On 12, Jul 2021

If guitars ever went out of fashion, they are very firmly back now. Guitar sales rose dramatically in the UK during 2020, one BBC report shows. Fender posted record sales; the highest levels in the company’s entire history.

Of course, lockdowns had some effect on the sales of guitars as people sought out new hobbies and forms of entertainment. However, it would also appear that guitar-based music is having something of a resurgence as people realise they can learn the instrument at home.

There are many guides on the internet that can help you to select your first guitar. But, there is less information for what you should do after you get one. Logic states that with all these guitars being sold, there must be a number of them just leaning against bedroom walls, gathering dust. If you are one of these owners then here is some help to get you up and playing chords quickly. 

Why the guitar?

Playing the guitar brings many benefits that you may not realise. Playing any instrument can improve many areas of one’s life, but the guitar is something special.

If you haven’t yet picked up a guitar, then an acoustic is a good place to start. Choose one because of how it feels and fits you. Nylon strings are good for young children, and the size of the guitar matters too.

Once you start learning you will start to realise all the benefits a guitar can bring. You will learn perseverance, patience, you will become stronger in some areas, and your concentration will improve.

Playing an instrument reduces stress, helps with depression and boosts confidence. Guitars can have that extra ‘cool’ factor that some other instruments don’t have so you might find your self-esteem is bolstered by being able to play one. 

How should you get started?

Although this is the starting point, for many it is actually the end of the road. Many people buy a guitar from a shop thinking they will be the next Johnny Marr or Slash, only to get home and realise they haven’t a clue what to do next.

It is a sad fact, but there are thousands of guitars not being used or being put up for sale by would-be-musicians who gave up. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way for you.

There are many ways for you to get the most out of your new guitar, and get the best out of yourself at the same time. 

Use online resources

Searching for chords guitar beginners will bring up a number of sites aimed at teaching guitar. Some of these sites teach you chords, and others will focus on learning to read music.

Some websites let you learn chords from your favourite songs. These sites display the chords from popular songs so that you can learn and practice with your favourite music. They also let you upload songs, and the software isolates the chords for you. 

Use a guitar teacher

Never dismiss the idea of employing someone to help you learn your new instrument. Although many famous musicians never had lessons, you will find you improve much quicker if you use a professional.

Guitar teachers will make sure you don’t pick up bad habits from the start and they will test you, which means you will progress faster. They can help adults and children alike, and you can join a group or pay for individual lessons. There are many benefits to learning as an adult, and it would be a shame to miss out because you thought you didn’t need a teacher. 

Use smartphone apps

With the millions of apps available to download, perhaps it is no surprise that there are plenty to help budding guitarists. Fender Play and Gibson App are just two of the apps available, and these were designed for the famous guitar manufacturers. 

Practice an awful lot

You can learn the guitar with learning apps but it won’t do you any good if you don’t practice. Whichever method you choose, or a combination of the above, you will need to put the hours in.

Set yourself regular times to practice. Do not try and practice for hours on end one day and then do nothing for a week. Short regular sessions are far more productive. 


If you were one of those many people who decided to take up the guitar during a lockdown, or if you are just thinking of getting one now, then you are making a great decision.

Learning the guitar can seem a little daunting at first, especially when you get your new purchase home and realise you know nothing about how to use it. However, by employing a guitar teacher to get you started, and then using online resources and apps to push you further, you will soon get the basics. Practice regularly and you might soon be entertaining others with your new skills.