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AAA Music | 19 June 2024

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Band of Skulls @Circolo degli Artisti

| On 18, Jun 2010

Rome, 29th May

Band of Skulls came to Italy to present their amazing debut album and I was very curious to see them live. My expectations were satisfied.

They are a trio, but when performing live it feels as if there are six of them, for they know how to fill it with a charismatic presence and a great, strong sound.

They kicked off with Light of the morning, the opening track of Baby Darling Doll Face Honey, Russell (vocals and guitarist) and Emma (the bass-player) had their backs towards the audience playing their instruments, but suddenly they turned round and Russell started with the first line of the song with a voice that was as sharp as razors, the audience were immediately captured.

They went on linking the first tune to Death By Diamonds And Pearls, a rock song that set people on fire with its carrying away rhythm, catchy breaks and a stunning guitar solo. Friends was amazing, it is a popular tune thanks to New Moon (it’s included in the soundtrack) but I love its distorted guitar (a beautiful white Gibson) and such atmosphere that reminds me Nirvana, also because the singer is blonde-haired like Kurt.

Patterns was sung by Emma, it’s interesting with its changes of tempo and it’s powerful in this live version compared to the studio one, while Fires is a slower tune, very melancholic, but simply beautiful, voices are harmonized perfectly creating a graceful effect.

Hollywood bowl has a very long intro that was really appreciated by the crowd as well as the repeated and swept along final. I know what I am rocked, its refrain let people sway and sang-along, it was put in the setlist at the right moment.

Bomb, was introduced by a strong siren, it is a pure rock song that the band played hard with passion.

Blood was introduced by a blues guitar riff instead and it was sung by Emma, I found her very sexy but in a serious way, she emanated the fascination of a rock star.

The last track was Impossible, and I thought “No it can’t be the last tune, it’s impossible”, but that was the cruel realty, so I tasted the moment listening to this beautiful song. It started quietly going in crescendo but never exploding, it leaves people with desire, but absolutely happy of their superb performance.