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AAA Music | 24 June 2024

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Sound Of Guns – Architects

| On 21, Jun 2010

Starting off with what sounds like all the guitars in Denmark Street fed through a chorus pedal comes another shining-eyed young indie-rock band – Sound Of Guns – with their contribution to the growing pool of anthem songs. There is a definite drive and passion to be found in ‘Architects’, but unfortunately not a huge amount of originality. You could sing along to the chorus the first time round and that may be the point, but it sounds like most other songs of its kind. This is a shame, as the musicianship is pretty good, and like I said, there is a heart here, only it doesn’t do much to push itself out there, seeming content to sit on the zeitgeist as it trundles down the middle of the road.

The b-side, ‘Rack & Run’, switches things around a bit, developing a sudden eloquence to the lyrics and an ability to play around with style that leaves me wishing that this song had been the a-side as it is by far the more enjoyable and interesting track, featuring some competent guitar work, a nice enough bassline, and some fun on the drums, as well as more to say and a better way of saying it. More of this, less of the anthems please, and we might just get along.

Sound Of Guns are a nice band, but that’s all I can really say about them from this single. Much like a musical version of that jumper that has been in your wardrobe long enough for squatter’s rights: you don’t have any major disagreement with it, but there isn’t anything particularly striking about it either.

Author: Katie H-Halinski