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AAA Music | 24 January 2022

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Luke Abbott – Holkham Drones

| On 23, Aug 2010

Holkham Drones is a masterpiece of calming synthesised melodies, complimented beautifully with  simple beats and rhythms which appears to be in tune with that of your own heartbeat.

Its trance like nature has the ability to transport your mind into clearer horizons of thought, allowing you to observe the forgotten moments which pass by almost unnoticed, whilst simultaneously upholding a danceable quality, particularly evident in ‘Hello Tazelaar’.

Abbot’s unique approach to the electronic genre creates a new wave among the British music scene of today, providing a much needed reason to start getting excited and opening our ears once more. Abbot creates a variety of sounds, yet still maintains the ability to flow and fit almost undetectably with one another as if there were a single wave.

Luke Abbott is an uncommon beauty who has gone unheard of for far too long, so open your ears and let the sound of the drones take over.

Author: Khadija Pandor