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AAA Music | 25 May 2020

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Goodluck Jonathan Debut EP out 13th September

| On 27, Aug 2010

Alienation, oh the joy of youth and its burdens. Five young men on the outside looking in, bewildered, angry, fogging the screen as they press their faces, wide eyed, against the window to the world they are trying to make sense of.

“It’s like a film”, says one
“A sad farce”, says another
“It needs a soundtrack”, say four in unison
“With fucking big drums”, says one, holding sticks aloft
They smile, they draw their fingers across the misted glass and scrawl,

Goodluck Jonathan

Storming out of Brighton, young and fresh faced, punchy and with a huge talent for edgy math-Rock ‘n’ Roll songs that build from introspective melodic angst moods into driving infectious chanted choruses, the band’s debut EP ‘This Is Our Way Out- EP1’ out September 13th is bound to cause a stir.

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This Is Our Way Out EP Tracklisting

1 – Bruises Disappear
2 – Stranded
3 – Broken Heart
4 – Lights Burn My Eyes

Watch the video for Broken Heart:

Goodluck Jonathan – Broken Heart from Cannonball PR on Vimeo.