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AAA Music | 25 July 2024

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Enter Shikari – Destabilise

| On 30, Nov 2010

Enter Shikari are unquestionably one of Britain’s most exciting young bands, even more so after 2009’s Common Dreads, a record that set out to right the myriad of wrongs that this country has fallen under in recent times. New single Destabilise is their latest attempt to shove a manifesto into a pop song, and it’s also among the best things they’ve ever recorded. A potent comment on their new style was that it veered unto preaching on a number of occasions, this song bypasses that by being complete batshit fucking lunacy from start to finish. And that’s always good.

How many other bands, rock or other, would have the stones to shoehorn a horn section, dubstep electronics, a monumentally exciting breakdown, Mike Skinner style rapping and social comment into an album, let alone a single song! So many other bands would shy away from that level of eclecticism and the few that would try that would probably get some unholy mix of Kid A and Rage Against The Machine, at the wrong speed. Thank Christ for Shikari and their utter fearlessness in the face of possible ridicule.  The basic idea is that this song is an impossibly exciting peek into Enter Shikari’s bright, bright future. And I, for one, will be following, will you?

Author: Will Howard