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AAA Music | 25 July 2024

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| On 05, Dec 2010

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End Mile, London, 04th December

December has just begun and it often brings something magical. It’s time for spirits and fairies, the time of tales, and this evening, “The Victoria” is really such a warm place where to drink a beer and have a chat with the mates. In this magical context the Chimes start the ball rolling. This acoustic duo of voice and guitar is like a cup of hot chocolate after a cold rainy day. They play a really nice folk and pop/rock music alternating both traditional sounds and songs that remind me the quietest Alanis Morrisette. Unfortunately, the sound is not gonna be in their side, actually, it let them down for being muffled. Also, as a the young duo they are, they look a little nervous on the stage. Anyway, it is a good beginning for an evening like the one today.

Next  person up is Terry Edwards, an experienced instrumentalist able to sing who plays the guitar and the sax almost simultaneously!! He is alone on the stage, but I can assure you he doesn’t need any help to bring on the show. The first song played is a nice blues “Down to the doctor”, perfect to warm the audience up. Then Edwards interpreted two quiet songs “Give me another chance” and “You won’t see me”, and he looks so focused  on of these two songs that sometimes his voice seems stifled. Next, is a rock reinterpretation of a Chet Baker’ s cover, where Terry decides to imitate the sound of the trumpets with his own voice. Really nice idea! Unfortunately also for him, the sound is not the best tonight and maybe for this reason sometimes his voice looks out of tune. Honestly, my impression for this gig is that he is more an artist than a musician, although looking at his musical career it seems more like an accident. To strengthen my opinion here comes a new reinterpretation, this time is a James Brown’s cover “I’ll go crazy” where Edwards shows to be a great interpreter. He looks like crazy moving nervously on the stage and making “noise” with both sax and voice: “I’ll go crazy! Because I love you!!”. Anyway he is really a surprise, probably the surprise of the evening! I love you man!

And last but not least, here are the Dear Thief trio. The atmosphere has completely changed with this band going from acoustic to electric and adding also the drum and bass to the set. The sound starts to be more aggressive with an alternative rock that sounds confused and noisy! For the first time in my life I can’t barely hear the drum during a gig, because of the volume of the guitar and bass. Some of their songs remind me the Pearl Jam’ s “Vitalogy”, others, the Doors, when J. Morrison recited poems on a melodic tune. A positive point of the band is the performance, they are really good entertainers moving a lot on the stage and showing being completely absorbed by their sound and the mood of the songs that look like a rock celebration!! Few grooves and riffs but really consistent and solid.

The gig is finished and we go home dazed and confused. I wonder: “Did they want this?”.

I see you when I see you!

Author & Photos: Francesco Morello