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AAA Music | 25 May 2020

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Daily Archives: 2 January 2011

J.Viewz Streams Far Too Close

2 January 2011 |

Photo: Roy Cohen | Styling: Danny Kopel

Following the release of the summer hallucination Salty Air, comes Far Too Close.

This one was mixed on cassette tapes to bring to life a vintage futuristic feel (otherwise described as Marty Mcfly on … Read More

Comic Book – Talen

2 January 2011 |

Once again, I have to plead ignorance here: I know precious little, if anything at all, about the recently-emerged dubstep scene, and so my approach to ‘Comic Book’ by Talen is my outsider view as opposed to an expert … Read More

Elliot Minor – Solaris Acoustic

2 January 2011 |

Yes, yes, let’s get this out the way first: Elliot Minor are a teen girl orientated band of the kind that develops rabid and “misunderstood” fanbases aged between 13 and 19 who agonise over how their weddings to the … Read More

Ones To Watch 2011: Minks

2 January 2011 |

Reverb is becoming a must in the Brooklyn area. After MGMT, Yeasayer and The Drums, now Minks adopted this stuff to give their vocals a retro sound. It’s hard to rival other bands to be the best of their … Read More

Ones To Watch 2011: Lonely Galaxy

2 January 2011 |

Lonely Galaxy, aka the Londoner Harry Granger-Howell, writes heartbreaking ballads defining his music soul/gospel. He’s right in part if you consider that there are loads of organs and echoes, but this is not enough, there’s more than simple gospel, … Read More