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AAA Music | 19 May 2024

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Claypigeon ‘Time Wont Cease’ Launch Party @ Ryan’s Bar

| On 20, Mar 2011

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London, 16th March

Celebrating the release of their brand new EP ‘Time Wont Cease’ Claypigeon headlined the set in a tiny little room on the 16th of March in the basement bar at Ryan’s in Stoke Newington Church Street preceded by Tyrannosaurus Alan and the incredible beatbox stylings of Reeps One.

After the T.Alan boys and Reeps One had got the crowd riled up Claypigeon took off on stage and that’s where it all kicked off when the song ‘Circles’ came in. As soon as they played the first few chords the crowd were immediately (as if instinctively) bouncing about the place to the music. What was great to see was that the band had a really good rapport with the crowd and it was like they were just playing to some mates having fun doing it, having a laugh, just making everyone feel welcome and comfortable being there. From previous encounters of seeing them perform I couldn’t help but get roped in and join in the fun.

Throughout the set they played a lot of material from the album, for instance ‘Pirate’ that earlier in the year got some airtime on the Mike Davies punk rock show on the BBC’s Radio 1 slot. They absolutely tore it up with their particular brand of high octane ska punk infused with elements of hip hop, d&b and a medley of indescribable and original sounds unique to the band which I’ve found epitomises the sound of modern day London.

‘Time Wont Cease’ can be heard on Spotify and you can check out more on the band on their website Currently on their Jippin’ hard tour throughout various locations in the UK they are also set to support Capdown at the Camden Underworld on the 16th of April.

Claypigeon are always a pleasure to watch perform and you can bet I’ll be going to as many of their shows as I possibly can. Probably one of the most original and stimulating bands out there at the moment with incredible music and an amazing, engaging presence at their live shows you have to check them out.

Author: Ahmed Pandor

Photos: Natasha Winter