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AAA Music | 7 August 2020

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The Blackout @ O2 Academy

| On 31, Mar 2011

[cincopa AYDA9gabVSi0]

Oxford, 29th March

Hyro Da Hero: not many support bands can get the crowd going, but this one can. This rapper appears on the blackout’s new single but he is not only good for that he blast into a crowd pleasing ‘Rage against the Machine’ style of rap metal that if it had been released in the 90’s would have been a huge hit but being released in 2011 will probably be over looked but is in a high standard and high class with songs that you won’t forget in a hurry and who could share a stage with Dizzy Rascal or Puff Daddy with ease.
Swellers: pop by numbers leaves the crowd running round in circles just to pass the time, with their bland melodic tones they just act as something to pass the time until…
The Blackout come on and they are the best in town tonight, from start to finish they explode in your face and show why they are this weeks Kerrang cover stars… this tour is to promote their new album and new tracks such as the title track ‘Hope’ and leading single ‘Higher and Higher’ don’t seem out of place amongst the older material even thou they are slightly different in tempo, the blackout are aiming for the mainstream and I think the world is ready for them and unlike other bands they have not sold out at all. Sean and Gareth show sometimes two frontmen are better than one with there over powering stage performance especially in fan favourite ‘I’m a Riot’ the crowd is full of young teenage girls but I think
with this new album they well gather a more adult fan base.

Author & Photos: Daniel Cairns