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AAA Music | 11 August 2022

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Spectrum Warehouse Summer Party @ Spectrum Warehouse

| On 11, Jul 2011

London, 2nd July

I’ve never been to the Spectrum’s parties before and I thought the Summer Warehouse Party was going to be the perfect introduction to these events. And I was right. Upon arrival I could not fail to spot the amusing mixture of fresh rave faces and old veterans. The queue is massive, which can only be a good sign, right? Once in I am welcomed by the sound of Dan Neon and DJ Baratone, who played what I thought to be a very good set despite the technical difficulties which halted the set at some point.
Being my first time at this type of events I decided to go and explore the various rooms: in room one I was greeted by Pete Jordan mesmerizing mixture of Dubstep, house and electronic, which let the already crazy crowd go wilder. I then moved on to Hot City to also check it out before the headlines Chase & Status set.
By the time Chase & Status set started the room felt like a sweat sauna: sweat shirts and bodies kept on dancing and interacting briefly with each other to the sound of the beat, feet were painfully begging for mercy (I still don’t get around how girls can dance all night on those torture machines known as heels). But there was no time for rest or even a bit of fresh air as Chase & Status finally take on the decks, greeted by the loudest cheer I have ever heard indoors. The set does not lack of fans favourites mixed with a twist in order to surprise even the most hard core party goer. Hits such as Let You Go, Hypest Hype and new single Hitz all got thrown in the melting pot of genres with the blessing of MC Rage, which also included the sample of Welcome To Jamrock and Crush On You. They totally killed it, pumped energy throughout the venue and held the crowd on the palm of their hands – it was incredible.
Immediately after Chase & Status is up to Nero, Red Light and Tomba to keep the party going and the spirits high, and they did not fail the hard task.
Although I left aching like an old man, wondering how old I really am, it was an incredibly funny experience and I recommend you to go to the next one.


Author: Tom Windfield