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AAA Music | 8 August 2020

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Motley Crue releases for November and December

| On 31, Oct 2011


Mötley Crüe are set to re -release a limited quantity of their catalogue, having regained the rights to all their songs, after a long absence in the market place.


The following albums will be re-released as Vinyl replica CDs with  a 16 page booklet, a CD with a 5 page booklet and on 180g vinyl  in a 4 colour Gatefold sleeve: ‘Too Fast For Love’, ‘Shout At The Devil’, ‘Theatre of Pain’, ‘Girls Girls Girls’ and ‘Dr Feelgood’.   They will be available on 14th November 2011.


Also on that date, the rest of their catalogue – Motley Crue’, ‘Generation Swine’, ‘New Tattoo’ and Live:Entertainment or Death’ –  will be re-released in standard CD format only.


This will be followed by ‘Motley Crue’s Greatest Hits’ in CD, Deluxe CD, 180g Vinyl and DVD formats  on 5th December 2011.


Nikki Sixx, Mick Mars, Tommy Lee and Vince Neil , collectively Mötley Crüe,  returned to the top of the charts with Saints of Los Angeles, their first studio album in a decade with the original line-up back in 2008 .    Based on the band’s New York Times bestseller The Dirt, the disc debuted at #1 on the Independent Album chart and was the top debut of the week on the Billboard Top 200 albums at #4.  “Saints of Los Angeles,” which was nominated for a Best Hard Rock Performance Grammy Award  was also noted as the #1 Rock Song of the Year  by iTunes critics. The band also started Crüe Fest in 2008, which was the most successful touring rock festival and the number ten tour overall (according to Rolling Stone), playing for nearly half a million rock fans throughout North America. This was swiftly followed by Crue Fest 2 in 2009, during which the band played the whole of the Dr Feelgood album every night in celebration of their 20th anniversary, this included a stand out show at Sonisphere festival in the UK last year.  Mötley Crüe has sold more than 80 million album copies worldwide, including 25 million in the U.S.




Titles: Configurations: Booklet Cat #
Releasing November 14th 2011
Too Fast For Love Vinyl replica CD 16 page booklet ESM 950
Too Fast For Love 180g Vinyl Gatefold 4 Colour ESM 951
Shout At The Devil Vinyl replica CD 16 page booklet ESM 952
Shout At The Devil 180g Vinyl Gatefold 4 Colour ESM 953
Theatre of Pain Vinyl replica CD 16 page booklet ESM 954
Theatre of Pain 180g Vinyl Gatefold 4 Colour ESM 955
Girls, Girls, Girls Vinyl replica CD 16 page booklet ESM 956
Girls, Girls, Girls 180g Vinyl Gatefold 4 Colour ESM 957
Dr. Feelgood (Standard Version) Vinyl replica CD 16 page booklet ESM 958
Dr. Feelgood (Standard Version) 180g Vinyl Gatefold 4 Colour ESM 959
Too Fast For Love Std CD 10 Sides ESM 301
Shout At The Devil Std CD 10 Sides ESM 311
Theatre of Pain Std CD 12 Sides ESM 321
Girls, Girls, Girls Std CD 10 Sides ESM 331
Dr. Feelgood (Standard Version) Std CD 16 Sides ESM 341
Self-titled Std CD 24 Sides ESM 351
Generation Swine Std CD 16 Sides ESM 361
New Tattoo* (double disc) Std CD (Double) 12 Sides ESM 371
Live:  Entertainment or Death (double disc) Std CD (Double) 8 Sides ESM 378
Releasing December 5th 2011      
Greatest Hits (With O-Card) Deluxe CD+DVD 12 Sides ESM 387
Greatest Hits 180g Double Vinyl Gatefold 4 Colour ESM 388
Greatest Hits Std CD 12 Sides ESM 386


The Greatest Hits CD will include the following 19 tracks:

1 Too fast For Love

2 Shout At The Devil

3 Looks That Kill

4 Too Young To Fall In Love

5 Smokin In The Boys Room

6 Home Sweet Home

7 Wild Side

8 Girls, Girls, Girls

9 Dr Feelgood

10 Kickstart My Heart

11 Same Ol’ Situation

12 Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)

13 Without You

14 Primal Scream

15 Sick Love Song

16 Afraid

17 If I Die Tomorrow

18 Saints Of Los Angeles

19 The Animal In Me (Remix)


The DVD will include live versions of:

Intro/Enter Stage

Kick Start My Heart

Wild Side

Shout At The Devil

Vince talks to crowd

Saints Of Los Angeles

Mick Guitar Solo

Don’t Go Away Mad

Same Old Situation

Nikki Talks

Primal Scream

Girls Girls Girls

Dr. Feel Good

Home Sweet Home

Band bows / Credit Scroll