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AAA Music | 12 July 2020

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| On 03, Feb 2012

Phantom Limb is an English country and soul band from Bristol, England. They finely mix blues, gospel and R&B, achieving a distinctive style reminiscent of Union Station, America and Bread.


The band comprises: Yolanda Quartey, Stew Jackson, Andy Lowe, Dan Moore, Matt Jones and Luke Cawthra.


Their album The Pines was exquisitely produced by Mark Ford, former Black Crowes lead guitarist and is released on 13th February, 2012 on the Naim label. It was conceived in France and recorded in California.

The brilliant vocals by Yolanda Quartey are impressive and passionate.  Sultry, delicate and sensitive at one moment, they become majestic and lively the next.

Opener The Pines is upbeat, jazzy and excellent Americana. Tumbling Down, is a rich, more solemn song with a steady beat and mournful lyrics: “I don’t want to beg for your love, my knees aren’t made for kneeling at your feet and all the pain inside me won’t keep me afraid.” High & Dry is beautiful, powerful and hugely intense.

This is superb musicianship from a talented, engaging and underrated band. The theme of defiance and escaping heartbreak runs through many of the emotional songs. This is an exceptionally good album.

Tracklist: 1. The Pines 2. Tumbling Down 3. Give Me A Reason 4. I’ll Have Mercy 5. The Only Way 6. Laugh Like You’re Mad 7. Gravy Train 8. Badge Of Descension 9. Hollow Eyes 10. Missy 11. Harder Than Stone 12. High And Dry 13. Angel Of Death.


Anthony Weightman