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AAA Music | 29 September 2020

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Yukon Blonde – Tiger Talk

| On 08, Apr 2012

This sounds a bit middle of the road a bit 70’s and track ‘My Girl’ is a really happy track and not really my vibe this sounds like a fate with cider and girls in frilly dresses and ‘Radio’ sounds like a guy prancing around with an acoustic guitar singing at people pretending he is in Devo. The funny thing is I quite like this track even thou I really don’t want to this could be a good summer hit. The album kind of goes on with mellow happy tunes that any Kings of Leon fan would enjoy and I don’t really mind I wouldn’t go out and buy this but I think a lot of people would, it has nice bass lines and the singing is quite pleasant so I can see people liking this. The thing is how can such a happy band sing about ‘Six dead Tigers’ in such a happy way isn’t that a sad thing and how can if they are ‘Six dead Tigers’ run in the fields tonight, if your dead aren’t you dead or is it ghost tigers running in fields with frilly dresses listening to the radio drinking cider at a village fate and that would make a good album sleeve they should have went with that. They also have a song on hear called ‘Breathing Tigers’ so if you like Tigers you will like this maybe that’s why the album is called ‘Tiger Talk’ but I think it would be cute tigers not tigers that would eat you cause this album is just to happy.

Daniel Cairns