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AAA Music | 26 September 2020

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Brad new album out May (features members of Pearl Jam, Satchel and Pigeonhead)

| On 22, Apr 2012

‘United We Stand’ (out May 7th 2012) is the title of the Seattle group’s fifth studio album. After almost two decades, the quartet remains a unified front, more committed to playing together than ever before.

“At this point, we’ve been a band for 19 years and realized we aren’t going anywhere,” BRAD co-founder/guitarist Stone Gossard says of his collective with vocalist/pianist Shawn Smith, drummer Regan Hagar and bassist Keith Lowe. “It’s a really fun band, a creative music group. It’s just a time in our lives where we love getting together and making music.”

Though each Brad member has obligations to other groups—Gossard to Pearl Jam, Smith to Pidgeonhed, Hagar to Satchel, and Lowe to playing with such artists as David Sylvain —they overcome the time and scheduling challenges their other commitments bring. Recording United We Stand, the band’s first album since 2010’s Best Friends? was such an enjoyable experience that Hagar says he and his bandmates vowed to “make sure we will try to record once a year, even if nothing comes out of it.”

Going forward, the members of Brad feel a growing appreciation that even when the rope that connects them has stretched thin, they’ve never let go of what they have together. And, as they go head into their 20th year, they are making their best, most cohesive work yet. “Whether it’s rehearsing or playing, Gossard says, “I’m just so thankful that we’ve maintained the relationship through thick and thin.” And so are BRAD’s fans.

For a taster of the album Brad have posted “A Reason To Be In My Skin” (see below):


1. Miles Of Rope
2. Bound In Time
3. A Reason To Be In My Skin
4. Diamond Blues
5. The Only Way
6. Last Bastion
7. Make The Pain Go Away
8. Needle And Thread
9. Tea Bag
10. Through The Day
11. Waters Deep (bonus track)