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AAA Music | 19 April 2018

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The Glass Child releasing music-video to raise awareness of domestic violence and mental illness.

| On 10, May 2012

The Glass Child

Releasing single and music-video ‘I’ll Never Tell’ to raise awareness of domestic violence and mental illness. 



THE GLASS CHILD, who reached #2 on the Itunes-chart with her charity-single ‘I Will Lead You Home’, in profit for the swedish cancer-organization Ung Cancer to support young victims of the disease, is now releasing the single “I’ll Never Tell”. I Will Lead You Home has been viewed over 450,000 times on youtube, and the official music-video for I’ll Never Tell will sure get the same exposure with the amazing international collaboration with two professional Italian dancers Enza & Francesco Cara.



Official music-video to be released May 17th:

Soundcloud link;


The Glass Child, Charlotte Eriksson, was born in Gothenburg, Sweden. At only 19 she left her family and friends and moved to London to dedicate her life to her music. In only a year Charlotte has started her own record label ”Broken Glass Records” and produced 2 critically acclaimed EPs. She has been featured in numerous music-blogs and magazines from all over the world. In September she released a charity-single, I Will Lead You Home, for the Swedish cancer-organization Ung Cancer, that reached #2 on the Swedish iTunes charts and has been played over 450,000 times on youtube. The Glass Child was named Breakthrough Indie Artist of the Year by Lemonade Magazine and Most Promising Newcomer by over 25 major music blogs. Her music can be heard on BBC Radio and she’s currently touring the UK.


” I saw these things, I didn’t know how to speak up, and so I turned to my art because that’s my only chance to get heard in this place. These are things that you don’t talk about, eating disorders, self harm, depression and domestic violence. I know you’re averting your eyes now. You probably don’t wanna keep reading. It’s uncomfortable. Blind people.. It’s happening right in front of your eyes, and nothing is gonna change that until we accept the simple fact that it exists.

There are no words for it. So I’m speaking through my music, these dancers are speaking through their movements, and the result is an official music-video to my song ‘I’ll Never Tell’, with these dancers speaking their language, and I’m speaking mine. Together we’re hoping that we can open someone’s eyes. That it can leave a scar, make a mess inside someone, just like it has done to me. Hoping that it can make someone out there aware. Hoping that maybe if we dare to acknowledge this, and say that it’s okay to talk about, because you’re not alone, then maybe one single person out there dare to talk up about it too. And maybe, if more people dare to accept these truths, and that it’s probably happening to someone you love, then one day we might be able to do something about this. But that’s not gonna happen as long as we’re shifting our weight, averting our eyes when someone mention domestic violence or self-harm.” 



EPK with more info and the newest album
‘This Is How Ghosts Are Made’: