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AAA Music | 19 April 2021

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Helena Jesele – Let The Game Begin

| On 10, Jun 2012

Sounds like a fusion between Amy Winehouse and Paloma Faith, although probably closer to Paloma Faith. I cringed throughout the whole song unfortunately, it’s so clichéd that I have trouble picking the good points out of it and there are good points, I mean the trumpets are nice and the vocals are technically not bad, although nothing special.

What makes the song bad is the use of clichés and just all round cringe-worthy lyrics, and not forgetting that weird twinkling sound effect added throughout the song.

‘Wonder Woman is out again. Woken up from a disappointing man… I’m going to wear my reddest, fill it out just enough to guess the rest…So what’s your name boy? I think I like you so wait by the door. I’m holding aces, could you be the king? Let the game begin. Could you be my Super Man?…’

That is just a selection of some of the tasteless lyrics littered throughout the song. The lyrics look like they took about ten minutes to write by your typical Friday night pub-goer out on the pull. If this is what jazz/soul infused pop is supposed to sound like I think I’ll pass. Still, I liked the trumpets.

Rose Benge