Rotted @ Unicorn

London, 1st June

Rotted are a barrage of energy that runs over people like a land mine. They are doing this free show at the Unicorn to give something back to the fans but do ask them if they can to buy merchandise so they can have their bus fair home. They work the stage like it’s a ranch and they are lassoing their victims into a mosh pit frenzy. They play a selection of songs from their back catalogue including gems off the new EP. They have a lot of energy behind them which could be compared to a lot of hardcore bands of the twentieth century. The guitars are incendiary and they mix up the genres like a bowl of cereals. These Serial killers are more like serial thrillers cause this gig is probably the best free concert I have been to in years, and they are as brutal as they are brilliant they would have been worth paying fifteen pounds to go see.


Daniel Cairns