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AAA Music | 19 June 2024

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Robert Vincent – “My Pill”

| On 20, Aug 2012

“My Pill” is the debut EP from Liverpudlian Robert Vincent who teamed up with grammy award winning producer Pete Smith to record the 4 tracks. The EP precedes Vincent’s debut album “Life In Easy Steps” which will be released in the new year.

The Ep opens with the title track, a John Mayer-esque bluesy love ballad. With beautiful sonics and smooth vocals from Vincent, this track is a perfect summery love song. “How Do you Sleep” is an atmospheric track that I can easily imagine being used in a Hollywood film trailer such is the polished quality to the track. One of the best features of “my Pill” is the broad range of instruments that can be heard- this track features strings and harmonicas amongst other, giving the song a textured sound. “Blue” has a great rhythm throughout and is the most upbeat track on “My Pill” which makes for a nice change- it is great to hear that Robert Vincent is not afraid to step up the tempo. On the final track “I’m Still Here” Vincent croons “Governments may crumble/ But I don’t care- coz I’m still here”. A sweeping statement but if Vincent manages to match the quality of songs heard on this EP on his debut album he certainly won’t have to remind anybody that he is still here.

Orna Lyons