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AAA Music | 19 June 2024

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KIERAN LEONARD – Out Of Work Astronaut

| On 02, Sep 2012

Kieran Leonard is a refreshing new singer-songwriter who uses his wit and individuality to sing passionately about things he feels strongly about. He’s well known for his single Jerusalem, used by director Ridley Scott as a sound track to his documentary Life In A Day.

His debut album Out Of Work Astronaut was released on 27th August, 2012 on Lala Recordings.
With a catchy beat Oh My is a fast and lively number. Harold Pinter is Dead, a delicate song about the tragic lack of belief young people have in themselves, is sung with reference to the late playwright and has a piano and guitar backing. In Wooden Man Kieran recognises the perceptiveness of children who can identify what’s genuine and reject the superficial: “The critics love you, but the children laugh”.

In Air Raid can be found the sad lyrics “I’ve been watching television. Now it feels my life’s gone missing”. The atmosphere of Ouija Board is quietly creepy and spooky whilst After Show is bluesy and thought stimulating. Vampire is a dark and humorous tale about his imaginary childhood friend, a vegetarian vampire. Lost Weekend, a slow dream like song, tells of events that happened long ago.
Kieran is bright and promising. He’s poetic and articulate in mixing literary references with a political and social commentary. The personal and intelligent lyrics are controversial, yet eloquent and convincing.

Anthony Weightman